Intro to Myself

Hi, I’m Cresent_61. I’m looking for power to support myself. I’ve discovered that I want the best for myself and have realized my willpower isn’t enough to bring this about.
I’ve been trying for years to seek supernatural power to use for my benefit but my efforts have come to naught. I’ve looked through textbooks, articles, watched videos, listened to discourses, and none has given the way to find what I’m truly looking for.
I’ve discovered Hekate throughout all this, the Triple Headed Goddess, I believe She truly exists and has made Her presence known to me on more than one occasion. I had in mind the idea with Her blessing to harness Her power and make good use of it. I realize this sounds unrealistic, but I have nothing else to go on and I wanted to try to see if it’s possible to harness supernatural power as a human being.
I’m grateful to be here, and I hope to learn from all of you here and I hope someone can guide me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thank you,



Welcome to the BALG forum.

Do you make wax poppets? Is your avatar some of your work? It’s OT but it drew my interest

Welcome to BALG.

I do! I never take photos of mine though, this a just a photo I found online.

I always use beeswax and if I get my hands on a item of clothing I use this to dress them. Nails and hair are also added if possible.

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Welcome. As to unrealistic… that’s REALISTIC here and similar places. I think if we haven’t hit that POP moment across the veil then we’re looking for it. I’m still looking for the absoluteness. I’m turning more inward than outward lately though. I’d more than welcome a grappling with a spirit though. Then I’d get that POP of damn it’s REAL and not BS.

Gotta hate doubt but untrusting is in a lot of us esp if we’ve been used and abused by spiritual leaders and others. (As in lies and hypocrisy).

Hope you find all you want and more.