Intro to me

Hello! I’m a new user to the site craving to expand my knowledge and glimpse at as much truth as I possibly can. I currently practice basic sigil magic and a practice of my own design where I draw in and store energy when I encounter repeating patterns and later use that energy in meditation where I attempt to influence probability. I’d love to branch out into established forms of magic, and I look forward to positive, enlightening discussion with everyone.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

How long have you practiced sigil magick and energy manipulation?

I’ve been trying to practice magick since I was around 13, I’m 22 now. Sigil magick is the most readily accessible system I’ve been able to find, but I feel like I’m ready to move into more complex systems


I am into kundalani and pranayama .i read some good stuff in a site called the joy of Satan. They have some off color content but cool energy manipulation things