Intro to me!

Hi everyone I’m going by Eliana on here. I’ve been a witch for about 2 years. I’m more of a hedge witch so I focus on trying to know the right path and the future through astral travel. I love to garden and include plants, incense, crystals and meditation to help me feel more grounded. I grew up Christian but overtime have opened my spirituality and done spells, a couple of curses, and potions. I’ve been through a lot so magic is what helps me heal from all the chaos. I have 2 sisters, and am based in California, though I might move next year. I love to travel and am strongest in divination including oracle and tarot as well as runes. I love to astral project and lucid dream, I let my 2 spirit guides lead the way. What I ask for, I receive, so I manifest my goals for my life. I’m not as strong in studying astrology and I want to continue learning about other religions. I’m taking World religions this year and respect and admire all paths.



Thank you for doing a proper introduction and welcome to the forum.

What magick do you practice? Calling yourself a “witch” doesn’t really tell us what, exactly, you practice.

PS: You posted this in the wrong section, so I have moved it to the correct one.

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Okay thanks, I’ll edit it to go more in depth

Welcome! Are you able to work in the astral realm regularly?

Sometimes but lately it’s only been like once a week or a couple times a month

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@eliana Welcome to the BALG Community, thanks for that great introduction, I feel that we have a great in common. If you ever want to have an intellectual conversation about any of your interests or swap ideals on world religion, that would be most interesting indeed!

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I’m glad you’re having a goo time. Welcome aboard!


Welcome @eliana :blush: