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Hopefully I did this right. I’m Eva from AZ. I’m a history geek, costumer and occult practitioner. I’ve been practicing since 2003 and like many young’uns, started out with Wicca and I branched out to explore other aspects of Paganism and magick. I know a lot of people wince at the notion of it, but I guess I would technically be an eclectic practitioner who follows the Nordic/Germanic, Slavic and Hellenic pantheons as well as their occult practices. Recently, I have been working with an incubus for the last couple of months (which was how I found this forum while doing research on the topic). He inspired me want to further explore the LHP as well as ancient Persian occult practices, the latter being really out of the blue for me. I’ve also been learning about necromancy and am interested in learning more about Crowley’s teachings. Yeah, like I said, I’m….a bit all over the place.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert at what I do, maybe beginner-intermediate (at the very most), some things I’m good at and some things I’m a little shaky in. I am honestly my own worst enemy when it comes to practicing magick; I’m either really confident in my ability and get favorable results or I get weighed down by my own doubts, which will ruin whatever spell/energy work/divination/etc I was doing.

Other than the self-doubt to work on, I would also like to improve on sigils, divination as well as communicating with my incubus and so far, the resources on this forum have been so helpful. I’m terrible at meditation, put bluntly, my attention span sucks. However, the “dropping mind” exercise has helped me somewhat and is the reason that I was able to learn more about my incubus and even since yesterday, his name. Before that, I referred to him as “son of Lilith whom she has chosen for me” which seemed really impersonal, but that was all I had at the time.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, glad to be on this forum. :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Nice intro.

Guilty. It was all I could get my hands on at the time. No shame there :slight_smile:

Plenty of us here delve into this, too . Lots of threads on it, so use the search bar to try to make sense of the volumes of information available.

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

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