Intro + Invoking a Demon after cleansing

Hail Satan.
I believe I was possessed a few years back. He granted me everything I wanted at that time: power, sex, money. And then a friend of mine realised that and did an amateur exorcism. It’s not the Latin mass that is required, she spoke in languages & I almost killed her. It just takes a real Christian who believes. I was surprised. Afterwards I felt he had had left me… I have tried to envoke him again but I have read if you have been exorcised, you cannot be possessed again. I feel so sorry for that. I tell you, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And all he wanted was I that corrupt other people, so I did it through drink and drugs. I ruined a lot of “innocent souls.”

Welcome. Please do a proper introduction, not this drivel.

Here are some ideas for a proper introduction:

I have tried to summon different Demons after that but I think they sense I was “cleansed.”
I offer my blood and do my rituals but The Dark Lord is not answering. What should I do to get his Dark Blessing again?

Hai Satan and thank you for your guidance.
My areas of study are necromancy, divination and invocation of Demons. I mostly do blood rituals and I do not know the word for it but I go in to trance and can could draw, write, dance… I lose control and give myself to our Dark Lord Lucifer.

Was you His Dedicated student (finished the Dedication Ritual towards Him)? - Because if you did it, then turned your back to Him, it is almost 100% you won’t get His attention again in this lifetime.

What should I do to get his Dark Blessing again?

I am not sure who He was from all the royalty of Hell. He never told me. I think He was Vapula (Naphula) but I cannot be sure.

How long have you practiced?

It wasn’t voluntary. My friend attacked me because she could sense my Demon.

I have practiced for almost 20 years.

I have heard from others that once you’ve been cleansed, you cannot re-invoke the Demon again. He will repel you like you repelled him.

But they are always listening & ready to enter our world. Is there a greater privilege than to be a vessel to to His Dark Angels? I did a simple blood ritual & He came. I could feel it. I am just praying to Satan, He will listen to me again.

I will stop now but if you think you need old Grimoires or information from old manuscripts, you don’t. All you need is Blood and Faith. Some made-up incantations are bogus. Give yourself to Him & He will know.