Intro + How to get King Belial's attention, assistance and alliance in very important court case

Hi everyone,

I am Kelani and am new to magick and the boards. I have been reading on King Belial as I do need his alliance in a court case. I am actually doing this on behalf of my husband’s upcoming resentencing hearing, and do need all the help I could possibly get from you guys, on how to summon King Belial and if doing a honey jar and vinegar jar spell with a petition to the King would be the best approach. I do have the name of the judge, but not of the DA. We have experts involved that we retained, and really do need to win this go around, and get the judge to rule in his favor. I also have a picture of the judge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This hearing will either make or break the rest of our both lives.


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This is what I shared about my experience, and several other members added information as well:


Belial told me this: “If you are thinking of a demon, they are thinking of you.” he even reminded me of this through an friend a while ago.


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