Intro + How to can I get a spiritual helper/teacher

I am new to the spirituality, I have spent almost two years chasing after the enlightenment, awakening, kundalini awakening concepts, but one thing remains a stumbling block. Now I have advanced my knowledge into more esoteric occult and ceremonial magic.

But I have practiced meditation, mindfulness and other esoteric spiritual practices which have improved my spiritual insight. But practicing magic requires clairaudience and clairvoyance to practice successfully.

Reading through magic books I realized that I need a spiritual helper who can help me develop basic spiritual abilities to increase my success in the practice of ceremonial magic.

In lay man’s terms, how can I really get a good start I am full of knowledge which is all over the place @ lady_eva please help if you may.

Any other straight forward advice is welcome.

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There shouldn’t be space, it’s @Lady_Eva

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Ceremonial Magic… that’s my thing. How far have you gone, what or which part of it is your area of concentration?

I’m your teacher. For a simple registration fee of $500.00 and by paying me $250.00 per hour I’ll issue you with impressive, tastefully designed, hand signed certificates proving you’re an advanced initiate with great powers. These once-in-a-lifetime certificates will have my authentic signatures and are moderately priced.

Better still, to make things easier just pm me your personal bank and plastic card details and I’ll do all the rest. How’s that?

P.s. Sorry, but I just had to. Can’t help myself. I apologise.


Hey @luxfero, I can’t edit l the @Lady_Eva tag as you recommended. I haven’t really been practicing at all I just had one two evocation, but you know being an absolute beginner its hard to distinguish between a successful ritual and a failed ritual. Plus my psychic abilities are still under development that makes it even more difficult to put my finger on anything.

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