Intro + E.A. thanks for the way

Okay so I’m 31 raised Christianity religions watch one video EA can’t remember exactly which one always had this connection with spirits just didn’t realize it went deeper so I practice the ritual I seen EA do didn’t even have an altar together really didn’t even know what I was doing but from that first experience I noticed there was something about the room different not like any God I’d pray to before then I realized something was real I made a mistake ask for too many signs but the last one was proof enough that I will never forget and I would love to get with mr. EA if it’s just for an hour a day he impacted my life in such a way now I have Spirits with me everyday they tell me what to do and my life is coming together is so true just wanting to shout out and let everyone know at 31 years old I can promise you this is no joke or game I love it I’m finally not insane I pray to my god everyday that eh bootcamp I get to visit one day until then I just pray and to anyone who is listening I got to say just believe and you will receive

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It is a rule of this forum to introduce yourself, but you have given enough about yourself and your magical experience that this post fits the criteria so I have added “intro” to your title.