Intro about me- previous exxperience is using some Qabbalah based methods and Hindu mantras

Hi everyone,

I registered with this forum a few weeks back and have been lurking tonight I finally posted and have been reading.

I’ve dabbled with a little Qabbalah based magick (particularly of those from an author called Damon Brand), a little simple candle magic, clearing magick, as well as some hindu mantras (not strictly magick perhaps but they have worked all the same) I use when meditating with some limited success but I need a lot more understanding and practise to really fully build the potential of this. I also have done a lot of personal development and spiritual work on myself in the past and very much see this as an internal development process to change my reality rather than externally requiring a result out of desperation. I am not that experienced in rituals in general -certainly never performed an elaborate one before- and stick to really simple rituals.

There are two areas in my life I wish to change and add power:

  1. Finances and business. I’ve had a hard time the last year with debt problems and a business in the cryptocurrency world which was once profitable but during the market crash of 2018 left me close to the brink. I also had problems with a company that scammed me and have made some bad business decisions. I need to shift the energy around me here.

  2. Romance/love/relationships. I am noth looking to make me more attractive in general in an abundant way so that I am able to attract and keep women more easily (and develop healthy relationships) as well as resolve a situation which I feel through bad luck was taken away from me before it really started… so I’ve recently had a misunderstanding and fallout with a woman I am pursuing I met off a dating app. We had very good chemistry at the start, and it looked like things were going to happen but due to the personal problems in my life around debt and business problems I lost control of my emotions and pushed her away with neediness and being too intense. She has said she is not sure she feels attracted to me anymore, (she also met another guy at a party but since then he seems to have disappeared) but we’ve had a very honest conversation about why it has gone off the rails… we’ve probed each others emotions and we’re at least clear on what went wrong, but it also means I now have a very clear map on how to get it back on track… and she has also admitted to me a lot of it was down to timing that it did not happen… so this is a situation I think which would be retrievable even without magick (albiet with difficulty and a lot of hard work!)

Look forward to learning and interacting with you all :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! Damon Brand’s Words Of Power was essentially my introduction to practicing magick, his books are great and have brought me many results. I would also recommend 72 Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield (also a member of the GoM), it’s a book on Goetia that is very well respected on here, you may find it very helpful.

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I’m really glad to hear that. I find Damon Brands books very straightforward, and most of his magick is easy to perform. I had one of Gordon Winterfield’s books already and have just bought the 72 Demons one too.

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Welcome to the forum.