Intranquil Spirit - Temporary or permanent?

I have a question for y’all concerning the Intranquil Spirit spell. I’ve been told that one can cast it as temporary to bring an ex lover back or permanently as revenge to drive someone insane or to their death. What is your take on this? Thanks.

It is a strong prayer to dominate, despair and attract a man or woman at your feet. On the other hand, in the broadest sense it is very useful for those desperate moments when we need extreme help and the power to get rid of someone who has the bad intention of harming us and also to completely dominate and tame the loved one in case of That is gone or is distant.

This prayer is so strong, that it can get away from that harmful person and do the same damage that has tried to do you and even worse so that he does not have peace again and in case you want to win back your love, he can make him come begging and surrendered at your feet. For this reason, you must be sure of what you really want to do.

In the witchcraft manuals for use in cross-spiritualism it is explained that the end of it is that the other person does not stop thinking about us at all times, that only we are in his mind, and that he does not see another person, nor Look at anyone but us. This esoteric procedure is performed for 9 consecutive days, which is the same as a novena. The consequences of using the Quiet Spirit is that the spell may be counterproductive and that the Quiet Spirit may be too powerful for the practitioner to control if he has no expertise in handling and channeling this type of energy.

In all statistics of esoteric works of this indole is recorded The spell of the Intranquil spirit is not permanent, the practitioner must continue repeating it and continue making offerings to the spirit. If the spell is broken and the spirit is cast out, the person subject to the spell will leave once more. Now how long does the effect last? It is unpredictable, depending on the goal conjured.

The Restless Spirit can be summoned for any purpose. Just rephrase the sentence. It is not only in love and passionate issues that it is where it has more boom and rise, like tormenting its enemies.

This writing is an approach, study every detail and take what seems right!


Thank you, Amirash. Very helpful.

Thank you for posting this. I agree, I don’t use this for love, I used it for other purposes and has worked (sometimes too well) each time. Each time I had the spell cast, it did exactly what I needed it to do, but most of the time with unintended extra results. I’m not sure I would want to permanently torture my target, but the spell was cast for a temporary purpose.


Thanks for your appreciation! my respects


Yeah, such experiences are also part of limitless consciousness that is your True Self. Yet, what you do to another is something you do to yourself.

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That makes perfect sense, 987ritual. Thanks. I am going forward with this. I’m wary of doing so casting myself. I have someone I trust to do so and assured me that there would be no blow back. what’s your take on it. Replies welcomed.

Well, if you are comfortable with it then it should be okay.

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Did you cast this spell yourself?

I haven’t yet, but I plan to soon. I don’t have a circle or an altar. I’m still researching. I will let everyone know. I have been successful in a few spells I’ve cast. This one is hardcore to me. I have to be protected from blow back. I summoned Andras by mistake in 2017 and it was terrifying.