Intolerable situation. break up spell need to be done now Advice, please

The situation has become intolerable. Still worst. My best friend has been subjugated. She has totally absorbed him. I don´t know is she pratices any kind of magic, but his power looks great.
Relatives of my friend say that now he is harsh and against some of his brothers, cold and distant from parents and from other friends. A break up jar spell has to be done, not dealing with demon snor spirits, but give me some advice please, it is regarding these following exact elements, I have read many recipes, and performed some but want to learn from you the best:

  • Of course I do not want to harm him, only making him return to his old freedom and happiness: is all right a vinegar, black pepper jar? What are the best ingredients

-There are in magick some more difficult tasks than others: are break up spells generally speaking easy and effective in terms of getting the goal?

How many days are fine? Should I keep the jar until the goal is fulfilled? Could be performed in any moon?

  • I have read that when not dealing with demons you do not need protection for performing a break up action. However, would be fine invokind the protection of Archangel St Michael?

Thank you very much to all.

For your working, Azazel I suggest

Wait who’s the victim here the guy or girl , guy ?

Thanks for your advice. However, I consider myself a beginner with no experience with demons nor spirits. I am not ready yet for that, so I am looking for easier formulas.

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The bad influence is she. The man is the one who should be released, in order to recover his old life which was more happy.

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Michael can cord cut , I would just go aggressive in on the one causing suffering , could give her nightmares or vamp her ,

So, a petition to Archangel Michael for attack her would be fine?

and would be safe for me and mines ?(I am a novice)

Nah he won’t attack her , you should develop your senses and call him yourself to tell him what’s needed , you can really only show the man what’s going on and let him help himself in my

Yes angels are safer , impostors take on forms of demons usually and calling angels is usually safer

So, if I only show the man what is the situation(very difficult, as his understanding is very compromised) how could Michael help exactly?

I understood that Michael could vamp her.

Michael cuts cords but he won’t force it to end and if he’s mentally being manipulated then it’s his free will which is a law angels respect , so u might want to look at spirits in the baneful department

No Michael won’t vamp her I was saying I would do it

Whats your opinion about Hodoo jar magick?

I don’t practice that stuff , most stuff i do using my own thoughts emotions , images , and altered states of consciousness , you could try some candle magick , I see it all magick as a way to solidify your intentions through rituals , and ur emotions being the power behind them ,


angels are Easy to work with , you can implant messages within the guy or girls heads with your mind , thoughts and emotions as well

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Which techniques could be used for that?

Put on theta waves music , lie down, visualize either person , visualize their head and you saying whatever you want implanted in their subconscious , for the guy you could say “this relationship is not working and my partner is very deterimental to my life , I feel like leaving her “ you whisper it into his ear in your imagination , then you see him
Respond by breaking up with her . The method works best at night when the subconscious is open to suggestion

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IT is a very interesting technique.