Intimidated incredibly by the first excercise in Works of Darkness

Hi. You know the book by E.A Koetting works of darkness? Iv’e been trying to get up the gumption to do the first excercise in ch. 3 but for months I have been for a lack of a better word “Intimidated” by it. Seeing through your eyelids? I’m assuming this is how one activates their spiritual sight but like…I don’t know. I’m fearful that I won’t succeed. I can’t shake the feeling of “I can’t do that. That’s stupid. That’s too much!”

Should I try to fake it till I make it? Is their any advice I may have so I can finally give it a try?

Let me know because I want to pathwork this book very badly.

Just do it. What you see might be dark and hazy and may or may not perfectly match your surroundings. Just continue anyway. This is a skill that you will use quite a lot. For instamce, if you feel a presence, you can gaze through your eyelids to see what it is. It has all kinds of applications.


Then please don’t read “Liber III vel Jugorum” by Aleister Crowley
Oh, it’s in public domain! I will drop it here