Interview, Help Please :)

So i’m a skateboarder getting a sponsor, so basically i’m required to go for an interview for shortlisted people, and i wanna ask which spirit/deity would help me increase the chances of being selected or definitely get in the team!

Advice would be helpful. Thanks!



Belial (if he can get courts and law on people’s side he outta be able to do an interview, just saying)

King Pamion (I might have spelled his name wrong, but seems good for career stuff in general)

Bune (more money wise…so maybe not)

Dantalion (can change the minds of people, seems handy)


His name and image came to mind as I read this post. It could be a sign for you @Relix

And good luck!

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Just had an interview and I worked with King Paimon.

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I would agree with calling King Paimon. I have social anxiety and have a hard time interacting with people in person. For my last interview, which was a panel interview with 4 PhDs, which made me feel a bit intimidated, I called on King Paimon. When it came time to interview I’ve never felt more confident in myself, I didn’t stumble over my words or stutter, and I breezed through the questions. It was narrowed down to me and one other person, I didn’t get the job because they needed someone to start ASAP, but it felt good to know I would have been selected, had I been local.

Good luck and I hope you get selected.

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