Intersecting planets and there affects

When a planet intersects another in an astrological lineup, does it imbue the planets affects with it’s own or block the planet’s affects?

I think they imbue each other, but if the person cant process the result energy it may be felt as a blockage.

I was just looking up my astrological natal chart you posted a link to, and found Chiron in retrograde. It talked about how, when this happens, we need to unlock past lives in order to bring healing power to ourselves and others. For me, that’s a metaphor for past joys, in order to let those things I would normally bother me, go. It really opened doors for me. So again, thanks a lot!

I have Chiron retrograde also, Ill have to work with it eventually, just dont know how Ill be doing this yet. This past couple weeks I’ve found stuff about my past spiritual path, even before I had this epiphany on Rx planets. I kinda know what Chiron has to me, yet the path to harness its power is still clouded.

I think Ill try to craft a sigil or talisman with the intent of getting in touch with its energies,then soul-dive there and see if I find some entity to initiate me.