Interruption of a ritual - question

I was wondering if one is in the middle of a ritual (ex. opening a sigil, evocation,etc.) and suddenly is interrupted by something, like some huge noise outside, somebody rings or knocks at the door, car alarm etc. Like, the sigil is open or evocation is going on, something like that, but suddenly you have to break it due to the external situation, what should the person do in this case? What could be the consequences of this if the person just walks away, and otherwise what should the person do immediatelly when something like this happens? Close the sigil, banish? Did this already happened to anyone here? I would like to read your oppinions and advices in this subject.

First getting a place where you cannot be bothered by anything at all and in second…
If that does happens, think of it as a failure of a ritual and get up and go into your life as normally as you can like nothing has happened, unless the ritual had already started to take effect! Then you cannot distract yourself and keep into it at least until you can " close " it.

Develop a signal that means “it is over” at the end of your rituals (could be 3 snaps, tapping the floor with one of your feet 3 times, or simply saying “it is over”).

If you get interrupted, just make the signal, do whatever you have to do and when you’re able to do the ritual, start from the beginning till the end, do it fully.

It’s more usual than any of here would like, it’s normal

This always makes me think of Crowley’s Boleskine House. He left the house while in the middle of the Abramelin working and never completed or closed out the ritual supposedly leaving an active portal or gateway causing the house to be haunted.

Personally I turn off my ringer on my phone and if someone knocks they can come back later or leave me a note. I don’t schedule guests and magick at the same time so someone is uninvited and they’ll learn to call ahead next time.

On the rare occasions I’m doing magick and my fiancé has guest over I’ll just shut the door to the room I’m in and finish up. She’ll usually just make an excuse for why I’m not around.

Thanks to all. The problem is that i cannot afford a place of my own so i share a house (like in another thread here, some people have to share too, so the problem of interruption is always there), a small flat with a close friend who knows what i do there and trusts me, we are like brothers. And usualy i can be alone at night since he works at night schedule. When i am going for meditation or magick i never schedule anything and i turn off the phone. But since is a shared house it already happened some friends looking for him at 3 o’clock in the night after coming from the pub. Fortunatelly i was just reading, playing music.
Usualy the area is calm, but sometimes at night, it can be noisy mostly in summer nights. I never happened to be interrupted, but i guess its important to know what to do if it happens.
Your answers are very helpful, thanks!

I am not going to begin to say just how many times I was interrupted during a serious rite. I will say this - if it happens again just laugh at it and keep going as if nothing happened.

One more thing - turn off all electronic devices like PC’s and cellphones. During the charging of a Jupiter Talisman my phone started ringing…twice…after the rite I looked up the number to see that no one called.

Yeah just keep going with the ritual or continue as soon as convenience allows. There’s nothing worse than a spirit standing around with nothing to do. It’ll usually find something to do and it can either be amusing or frightening or both. lol

A bored spirit,… could be a challenge to live with it lol