Interpreting Santa Muerte dream

Santa Muerte set up some dreams for me. They helped me see things I didn’t understand or see as they should be.

The first instance was in my first dream. The dream has faded but I was in a grave yard because I had to pass through. I saw a black grim reaper. So La Niña Negra. Strange when I’m working with La Niña Blanca.

The last dream was definitely trying to test my mind and open it to death.

I had my Nintendo switch but it wasn’t my normal switch. I could teleport with it. I did before. I have a shift today at 11:30am. The shift was all in my mind and when my mother appeared and said it was 11:49am! I got shook and tried to find a way home. Mum said she was super sorry. I wasn’t going to accept defeat like that.

I tried using the switch to teleport home but it didn’t work-a sign of something unnatural going on.

I then found a bridge to go on. I fell off of it and died.

So basically I feel and died. It felt all too real. I felt my bones shatter and blood spurt out of my body. It was all to real. This becomes a main inconvenience and a blockage for me.

I looked around and saw a clip of people coming to look at me.

I said

“I CANT DIE LIKE THIS! I’m NOT DYING TODAY! Not when I don’t have this item! I have unfinished business to do!”

That mind set took me to places I now see are blockages in themselves.

I tried to go back but it didn’t work. My instincts and mind were blocked with the thought of realism.

I couldn’t think of anything to help me get back.

This realism thought about how I died and how it was too real. “It must have been real” is the biggest issue and blockage.

If I think somethings real in my dream I stick to other ways such as going to be a child and work my way up again.-what happened.


It block my instincts to go and try magic even if it’s not fully applied to my life yet.

All I could think about was this item I want and how I don’t have it. This was my saving grace to not giving up.

In my heart I feel anguish and other deep emotions when I think of the item. Bad choices after bad choices my heart feel such deep emotions because I haven’t yet gotten what I want.

I never thought about the other thing I needed. I mentioned it but the realism took over my mind and poisoned the thought of becoming my best self.

Realism is a real issue and I’m glad I now see I need to reduce it so my spiritual instincts can manifest.