Interpreting 2 spreads

My mind keeps going haywire to the point everything’s scrambled to shit with these 2. First is between me and my wife/ex/wtf she is. After almost a year of silence she hit me up concerning our kids. The 2nd is situation/what to do and I was guided to lay them specifically how they are. Someone seen them and said flat out" I’m seeing there’s brujeria/palo involved. Someone’s has been hammering the fuck out of her because their shit isn’t affecting you anymore. Since they can’t have her anymore, they’re trying to destroy anything that was left and any chance of her going back to you and fixing your family"…then the call went wonky. Any help appreciated and sorry about the bathroom stuff😅

I’ve seen toilet altars. Also, I like that deck because of how untraditional it is

XIII tarot by Necro