Interpretation of a scrying

Hey all !

Just got out of some spell work then a scrying not too sure what to make of it. I’ve been working on this new project with working with he different elemental aspects of Lilith the details is in Titan’s post “Gods!” (I know I know I still don’t know how to link posts lol).
Anyway after the spell work I was feeling mellow which was different had the light static feel . I just decided to look into my mirror no goal in mind or anything just sort of seeing what comes up. Anyway it started out with the “fog” about the mirror, instead of just letting the images pop up I also tried to receive the sensations associated with what didn’t show up yet.
So it went along the lines of being in a dark body of water, that turned red then Lilith rose up then I was there with her, then just me. That morphed to images of success (me in a suit driving a car going place to place. I don’t do suits or drive lol). I went to some other apartment that felt like my own but definitely not my style. Then the image changed to an outside image of my house feeling protected while craters were left of all of the neighboring houses. Lastly, I’m on my couch with a lioness snuggled next to me lol.
I’m not freaked out or anything, and I know the body of water is a sub con reference, and the “lioness” translates to the beast of prey (Lilith ref),but since I started with this new project images have steadily become more clear. I usually like to make a coherent sentence of meaning after I scry but I got nothing lol. I had to smile with the Lioness image. I any case if anyone wants to take a stab at it feel free. Good Times !!

P.S. I was sober through out the entire ritual and scrying lol!