Interlude Breakthrough?!

I might of had my first contact! Really excited writing this! After evoking Lilith i had asked and invited her to my dreams in case it might be easier to connect that way. Last night i had quite the dream!

I will shorten a lot of it as it doesn’t all, for my analysis at the moment connect. Th synopsis is, I was visting my ex and kids in Japan. There were a few hours before her family and us were to sit down for dinner, so I decided to go out to the bars and my old stomping grounds. Because of something going on politically, there was a gate and fence with armed guards between the american base and Japan proper. I slipped past the guard and headed to a small festival. Don’t recall what i did there, but realized I needed to go back to the house. As I was leaving hurriedly, I bumped into and knocked down a tent at the exit of the festival. It had something written in blood on the top and it was running down to the ground since i knocked it over.(wish i had read what it said) The people at the tent were upset i knocked it over and begun chasing me back to the Japan side. Guards had doubled, so i couldn’t sneak back through the front. To the far right was a giant pond filled with wine. I jumped in and came out the otherside coated in it. I got back to the house and could hear everyone was just getting ready to sit for dinner. I rushed into my room and decided i needed a shower to rinse all the “wine” off me. I took off all my clothes and went into the bathroom. I reached down to lock the door. It had a weird lock in the shape of a 6 pointed star that i had to press in and turn to lock. I then turned to look at myself in the mirror and there was a shape of a woman, with horns, glowing a dull blue next to me. I looked away quickly, shocked and surprised. Immediately a strong pulse/vibration shook my entire body, i had to grab the sink to stop from falling it was so strong. (i could also physically feel the sink!) From deep within me came my voice but it was a females voice, 'Hey, how are ya…" I replied in my voice but deeper then usual and more distorted, “i’m good, how are you”. I could feel her smile like she found my surprise amusing. Then i woke up my entire body still vibrating. I wish i had asked more and not looked away from the mirror, but this was incredibly strong. My doubts that i had before about a breakthrough coming are gone, and i can’t wait til i sleep again/meet again.


That sounds like a success to me. I had a very weird dream the other night when I evoked Astaroth. I asked Astaroth to bring me money and I had a dream for some reason that I was kind of but not really choking on money and tried to pull it out but as I tried to more kept appearing. I then woke up the next day and got news that I was going to receive a check in the mail soon that would be a huge sum of money, (won’t say how much exactly). Of course, Astaroth asked that I make a poem dedicated to him in exchange to which I’m working on.


I really think it was. I’ve had vivid dreams before, but this was so much more. The resonating of her voice is still in my mind. Grats on your success and works too :slight_smile: