Interesting symbols

tell you, I have been creating my own “path”, while writing magical axioms and adding some advice and philosophy of life in a moment this came to my mind: these two symbols… quickly, so I took advantage of drawing them with my tablet for don’t forget that, I don’t know what it means yet. According to a cousin who knows about symbols it looks like the first draw would have “sowilo’s”.

I also had a vision of sacred geometry in a moment. And I also managed to have an “automatic writing” about the order that my altar should have to work… then I checked on the internet and saw that it was the “pagan” form, I had no idea of this… I have never had this happened to me before. Is someone guiding me? Any of the entities I work with. I felt different at the time.

postscript; the fire element I put it down (where it says cauldron) and I don’t put candles around.

Sin título

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The cup looks evil, I like it

I’m glad someone likes it! evil in what sense?

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Reminds me of the crucified scorpions in this video

Somehow I sense a Byzantine something in it, much like what one could sense in this

Byzantine things are not evil, but you know, God is quite a complex guy. It is a brushstroke of what first world people who have known no evil call evil, the tender evil that inspires altars and music, a positive vision of the qlipha A’arab Zaraq. The forest of Marchosias is not in that qlipha, but in Gamaliel, and it represents the forces that may want to defile the cup, “defile” in the sense that it is holy within the mass, but the Vikings raiding the chuch may see it as gold to be stolen

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Hello, I had no idea about this, it’s really cool, apparently I’m going through the arabab zaraq I loved your comment thanks you for helping me. I’m thinking the symbol could help me better for that “phase”.

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