Interesting publicity!^^

I am of course not the only one on the net who took attention to this publicity,
I found it fun , others found it was satanic/Illuminaty, lol,

What i found interesting, is how it goes by “stages” of consciousness:

First she opens the third eye:

Become crazy with the power,lol:

and last she creates life and behave like a god doing everything she wants,

I have found the entire pub very funny, and also it raised some eyebrows in the conspiracy community, what delights me pretty much, and i think thus publicity was made exactly for that purpose, haha!^^

Myself, i have seen occult signals in some places i would never imagine, like our local Xtian church, need to do a pic for you all during this week!^^


Kenzo and Gucci have been using the eye in a number of past seasons - people have been lapping it up in the hope that they too can become ‘elite’ without the need for any discernible talent or ability.

The whole idea of offering fragrances to complement fashion is to allow the lower spending demographic as taste of the luxury associated with the elite classes and act as a leveller to create a desire for aspiration for luxury and branding.

This is why you also find so many people think they can carry a fake handbag and believe that somehow it will manifest itself into the real deal or be mistaken as such - especially when they are wearing other clothing totally incongruent to the bag or their general behaviour belies that the bag originated in a far eastern sweatshop rather than in a Paris arrondissement atelier. The fact that others then determine that all the real bags are ‘probably’ made the same way ruins the image as does the idea that some celebrities are given bags as the brand desperately needs brand ambassadors… Most do not give bags away.

Yes, you are quite correct the joke is on you the public and the incessant need to be special - the incessant desire for instant riches, vacant attractiveness, popularity and celebrity because this is valued over consistent wealth building, intellect, authenticity and self actualisation. Yes, you need this scent to be unique - just like all the other girls who received it for Christmas after its launch. Of course it is now a ‘classic’ not based upon a unique composition or extraordinary brief to the aroma-orchestrators but to the marketing people who’ve constructed a fantastical mythos to go with a completely dull insipid juice.

You will be sold the idea that you too will be quirky and unique with the world as your oyster if only you spray yourself with this creation and that men or women will be charmed and beguiled by its overblown chemical fruit molotov cocktail and you will buy this in the hope that you will become special. Once you have the juice you will begin to crave the clothing and bag line and save up for the tee-shirt perhaps considering a fake version (oh that never harms anyone and they’re all made in the same place anyway -aren’t they??) as the real one is “HOW MUCH?” and you’d balk at buying the real thing YET somehow you want to portray that you have the lifestyle which affords you the real thing except it isn’t.

Marketing is true mind control and magick if ever it existed and the masses lap it up - that is true power.

Everyone is clamouring to be unique through their conformity.