Interesting: Lady Naamah

So, something interesting happened for the first time in my work. I called upon Lady Naamah to offer a pact making with her. From what I got in my inner mind after dropping it. She told me to right it up later today and present it to her tomorrow by evoking her via Qliphothic Evocation. I then offered her the other slice of cheese cake and right after I had done so and placed it on top of the sigil. One of my black candles sparked a couple of times and there was nothing on it to cause it. This has never happened before so I can only assume that my ritual was a success and Lady Naamah accepted my offering. Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious.


Candle acting strangely is a classic sign of spiritual presence and i would guess means the offering is accepted. But I don’t work closely enough with her to be able to channel or confirm, hopefully someone who does, can. :smiley:


That’s what I thought. I just never heard of a candle sparking during a ritual.

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I work with Naamah and from time to time I’m experiencing unusual phenomenons.
I think it’s a good sign as long as you can keep on working as nothing happened.
Mostly things like that distract me, so I get out of state of trace.
After the ritual I go to sleep and countinue my ritual in a lucid dream or astral projection. It works better for me and I’m more opened for deeper contacts and exeriences.


Thanks, much appreciated.

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Ah Naamah Lady of the first gate.

I worked heavily with this Demoness, the candle spark normally is a reaction of energies since her energies are intense this is why the flame sparked.

It’s a good sign of her being present there with you and manifested.


Nice! You know, as I think about it. I’ve called upon her many times as I began my journey through the Qlipha and this is the first time this has happened as I mentioned before. Perhaps my skills still needed developing at that time and were able to manifest her energies better hence the spark, or perhaps because she was waiting for me to offer a pact with her. Who knows?