Interesting healing experience


I thought that I’d relay and experience that I had last night. I’m an ER nurse. I work nights. Last night a patient came in with irritation to both of his eyes. He had been working replacing cast iron pipe with plastic pipe three days ago. The experience included drilling through the cast iron and the cutting of the plastic pipe and the use of a substance like super glue. I think that there was some soldering involved as well. I was told that the patient needed both of his eyes irrigated. I’ve been an ER nurse 20 years. I’ve seen lots of eye injuries. From his story I would have expected some irritation but he also continued to have intesnse pain to the point that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

After applying some numbing drops to his eyes I irrigated them with IV fluid that I dripped onto his eyes while holding them open. I did this three times to both of his eyes one eye at a time. When I first started I noticed that a fog seemed to arise from his eyes as I irrigated them. It repeated each time I did an eye and the fog was definitely emanating more from the right eye than the left. The right eye was the more injured one. The fog was almost palpable on my skin and I felt that I smelled a chemical emanating from it.

I think that was happened to him was from irritation from dust from the cast iron and aerosolization of the “super glue” type compound that was used on the plastic pipe.

SUPER interesting!!! This is the first time that I ever had the magical world enter my public world and never when I worked. I’ve experienced situations that I felt were magical in that I was in the right place at the right time to where I could make a difference for a certain person in a certain situation; Usually with an emotional component but never one like this where there was a physical manifestation of sorts.

Kinda curious. Have others had situations such as this and what were the outcomes…

Thanks in advance, Serenna.

Where is the “paranormal” situation? You said that is was a chemical stuff emanating? I never had anything “paranormal” with patients but I never looked at things from this point of view. Always had a scientific explanation. Well, when it comes to myself things are different though, I know what I am attacked energetically…

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Where is the “paranormal” situation? [quote]

Thank you for the question Sabina. Sometimes I don’t communicate as clearly as is my intention.

The paranormal aspect is that I don’t think that the “fog” had anything physical to do with the situation at all. That it was a manifestation of magick that was happening upon this person. I think that the fog was just showing me that the healing was taking place and letting me know that there was a chemical component involved. The physician assigned to this patient had minimized the chemical angle and I think that the “fog” was telling me that “yes” there definitely was a chemical component to his injury.

The fog was like what you see before getting images in a black scrying mirror where the fog just continued to grow and rise to the point that I could feel it on my face like an early morning fog outside in the morning.

I hope this clarifies things a tad. If it doesn’t let me know and I’ll give it another go!