Interesting First Interactions with Lord Belial

In honor of my upcoming dedication to Lord Belial, I wanted to share one of my first interactions with him.

So, back in April, I connected with Lord Belial through chanting his enn . My goal was to connect with him and to ask about finding my patron. When I reached the point at which I could feel his presence, I started speaking out loud, asking questions. Eventually, I began to notice a voice in my mind responding. One of the first things I asked was “how do I know that I’m not simply talking to myself”. Lord Belial responds “well, now that’s what happens when you don’t regularly practice tuning your psychic senses. Now you’ll have to simply accept the fact that you may very well be talking to yourself”. I could tell how amusing that was to him, but he wasn’t wrong, and I laughed along with him at my shortcomings at that time. Needless to say, I really connected quite well with hi that night and I enjoyed being in his presence. He eventually revealed to me that he would gladly be my patron. Does anyone else have funny interactions connecting with their patron/matron, or just a spirit in general?


I asked belial how do I know you’re real?
If saw his face smile and his energy moved into my body and was attempting to possess me, I told him no because I don’t trust him to that point yet and he said “you ruined my fun” and left without answering my question. But in my opinion that was a clear answer.


Wow, that sounds like quite the intense experience.
But hey, he’s a king, so I suppose it is to be expected. I’d be curious to know more about your experiences with him.

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My first interaction with him was…gruff. Only because I went about it all wrong. Using the wrong energy source with him to begin with. Sexual energy isnt a fix all kiddies. Had a good lesson from that. Found out he is like a spiritual father to me. So of course now that first interaction makes a lot more sense on why it was so insulting to him. Other spirits have worked with me easily and eagerly. But no other lessons quite like the one I got from the good ol king lol which for me is a good thing.