Interesting First Encounter with a Demon- Duke Sallos

So tonight I had a very interesting experience tonight while contacting Duke Sallos. It was my first successful encounter with a demon, and honestly I did not expect it to happen because my approach was much more relaxed and informal than all the other methods I’ve tried before. I simply laid in bed and chanted EA Koetting’s incantation for summoning spirits several times, then gazed at Sallos’ sigil (which also included symbols for contacting demons which I found from Blackwitchcoven’s website) and chanted his enn several times. I suddenly got the chills and my heart rate was beginning to increase. I could feel His energy all around me. I felt almost drunk, I cannot even put into words how it truly felt. I had my pendulum in my hand and asked it if Sallos was present. The pendulum said yes, but very slowly. I asked Sallos to give me a sign that he was there. I got a strange feeling in my spine, as if someone was touching it. The feeling kind of subsided for a bit, but then it became more intense and then very very painful, as if something was stabbing me. My heart started pounding so hard that it was becoming very painful and hard to breathe. I started feeling terrified. I asked Sallos if He was trying to scare me and He answered yes. For some reason, this made my heart rate increase even more. I actually became so frightened at this point that I waved my hand toward my back and stated “Sallos you are dismissed.” I almost instantly felt his energy leave my room, but my heart was still pounding out of control. After my heart settled down, I was left feeling disappointed that I let my fear prevent me from starting a relationship with Him. Feeling impulsive, I decided to contact Him again within a few minutes, using the same method. This time, I was unsure at first whether or not I felt His presence, but then my emotions kicked in. At first, I felt like I was going to cry, because I felt so bad for dismissing his presence so quickly; I did not want Him to think it was out of disrespect. I felt the need to apologize and tell Him that I am sincere and serious about working with Him. He was not upset with me at all. He told me that it was his way of showing me how real His powers are. This time, I felt Him again touching my back but in a different way, it was more gentle and almost loving. I felt like his presence was calming and serene this time. I still felt that weird “drunk” feeling, but it didn’t feel as overwhelming or scary. He brought huge smiles to my face as I began talking to him. After asking questions for a few minutes, I sensed that He was starting to get annoyed. He told me that He was in fact annoyed, but that He somewhat likes me and says He can help me. I will be contacting him again soon, but in a more formal ritual. I’ll keep you all updated.


hi im kinda new and really i dont know much… is it ok for you to give me a link of EA Koetting’s incantation and and duke sallos enn? and what is enn means?