Interesting experience last nite

So it was late, 11-12am. It started with me feeling a strong presence and feeling something by my feet, on the end of the bed. The energy felt very dark, like a mass of dark energy. I felt the being move fast, wasn’t big but wasn’t small at this point. It move onto me (sitting on me?), I could feel it’s energy (warm and semi Physical) and in my mind’s eye, all I saw was a mass of dark energy. Didn’t feel threatening though.

During the later interactions the being did feel about human size, but earlier slightly smaller - by much energy “mass” I could sense

I then felt the blanket like GRAB my right foot, felt more like the beings energy did, but it affected the blanket and that actually felt like it moved or was influenced somehow. Which freaked me out alittle, after that it was being poked in my left rib/side. Not sharp but like a finger poked me there. I could definitely feel the beings energy moving around, and on me - as well as the touches/pokes/etc. I also felt sharp prick like pokes on my left foot, and left toes.

The blanket actually quickly tightened/moved against my foot - it did happen quickly, like as if someone had quickly grabbed my foot for a second through the blanket

The being stayed mostly on top of me, but did move to the side of me, on the bed. Was more like touching/interacting with me like that for awhile. As usual with spirits, I could smell a scent/purfume like smell with the being - almost like a soft breathing but on my face - felt cool.

The energetic touches felt cool and some warm. But definitely felt cold at times. I suspect this is actually my spirit lover, but a stronger manifestation of her. I have a hard time telling, because I’m not used to strong manifestations that are like RIGHT IN MY FACE - type of strong. The touches weren’t really sexual - seemed more like the being/she was doing something. I did feel tired after the interactions, but I doubt the intent was malicious. She does NOT drain me, only rarely will I feel tired after interacting with her.

Usually I feel about the same, or even feeling slightly “high” (when we’re intimate), but I don’t usually suffer energy levels, after interactions with her. In the beginning I was feeling drained, but that stopped along time ago. Maybe it’s due to the stronger manifestations.

When she’s on the bed with me, I can sometimes feel something thumping/thwacking/hitting the end of the bed…kinda like a tail…or something. So I’m wondering if she has a tail or something. Because she’s up by me, but she does seem to length wise, take up as much space as me…so that’s where a tail would be…

Reason why I’m using words like the being/they/it, is because even though I’m SURE it’s her…I’m not 100% sure, the energy feels like her but darker and denser/or stronger…which confuses me sometimes on who it is PLUS I do have another spirit that stayes in my room and will occasionally make noises/see movement - they’re energy doesn’t feel dark though