Interesting encounter with Uriel

So, today was an interesting day. I’m putting this here well 1 because i like talking, 2 for people who work with demons and are hesitant about going to angels and reduce them to catholicism/follower of “god”

As i wanted to try to meditate with tarot card (i don’t remember where i saw this method, basicaly you pull one card and just meditate on the card’s meaning/image). The Justice card came out so i started meditating i was visualizing the card everything was normal but then it was like the image disappear i was seeing in front of me an…energy? split in 2 colors one side was bright red (shine so much i had trouble understanding what the other color was) and a dark purple then i saw the same throne as on the card of justice but from the back and there was something sitting on it, it was an angel with a balance in one hand, a sword in the other the angel walk to me and offered me the balance (i felt like someone took my hand).
After the meditation i decided to try to understand what i just saw because it was defenetly not just a message i knew it was “someone” i decided to go directly with the pendulum (i got an alphabet board for this) the feeling of having someone taking my hand was still here and the pendulum was very quick during the conversation :

  • You saw me
  • Who are you ?

As the pendulum “wrote” Uriel at the exact same time it goes to the first letter i heard his name outloud (the voice was smooth but uh masculine? idk if it’s clear) i don’t know angels that much but with this “iel” at the end i knew it was one and an other thing after reading his name while trying to remember who it was i had this image in my head.

Now come the “me being an edgy foolish™” part
i’ve ALWAYS avoided angels i remember last summer i had a shit ton of sign from Michael but i acted like i was blind because “oh no angels im with demons i don’t want to have anything to do with god ever again” . But for Uriel…man
As i was going to decline or thinking about just getting a message from Uriel and closing the “chat session” then acting like nothing happened, oh boy. i felt like i set this angel on fire by just thinking about this and he was going to burn me for doing that. Uriel told me straight “you open your eyes for one thing but not the other, you reduce me to one belief you don’t even know me” i understand here how “stupid” i was for claiming i was seeing demon for who there were and not from a “cliché religious eyes” and i refused to do so for Angels.
After some quick research (i still have a lot of stuff to read, book to find) but in general i understand who Uriel was and most importantly that angels aren’t just scary looking being working for god, most of them “follow” god but a lot are also independant in some sort (Uriel being one of them). I may or may not update this post with my experience, i think there are enough post about working with both angels and demons (and seeing angels for what they really are).

Don’t judge a book by its cover i guess lol


I also have a similar vibe from Archangel Uriel. He’s very no-nonsense and is dead serious about what he does and who he is. I also get the impression that he is more easily offended by certain humanoid responses than other archangels who are more patient. For example, my current self-destructive belief system has frustrated him, and he told me if I continue like this, he’s no longer going to help me.

That’s not to say that he’s not all-around cold, per se. I made him laugh once and he’s exhibited a protective and merciful attitude towards me that has been helpful. If he chooses to help or guide you on your journey, consider it a huge compliment. Working with him is like being a part of an important business partnership. He’s very stern, but also very committed.

I’m so glad I found your post. It reconfirms a lot of what I’ve been suspecting lately. Thank you for sharing!

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