Interesting Developments

I think the demon who chose me (if it is Beelzebub, I’m not yet sure, I keep falling asleep before I can ask as I’ve been working 6 40 hour days a week for over a month.) As I suddenly realized my new friend has just given me two full rolls of red yarn. I needed red for a very important spell but had no opportunity to gain it yet.

And when I realized that I had my ingredient here now, it had literally just now hit me like a bag of bricks like mental suggestion.

Could somebody be lovely and link me any threads or anything at all to do with Beelzebub? I need to look into it please.


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Why thank ya! (Im bad at searching)

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Hiya OP! That sounds like the red string of fate pattern, which is the soul-passion’s manifestation. It’s a very intimate sort of taglock, and it’s controlled by the Succubus Queens, of which Beezlebub is servile to. Sounds like a message from Lilith! :slight_smile:

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A message from Lillith?

1: what’s she like?
2: are you sure? I tend to have a single fly hang out with me pretty often.
3: I’ve never felt a draw towards the feminine beings, except Bastet.
4: Give me any of your knowledge, pretty please.

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1: a lot of things, but the easiest summary is ‘badass’. :slight_smile:

2: it was just the impression I received! Lilith has pestilence powers, and rules the red string of fate pattern.

3: different people react differently to the same beings, so, who knows why?

4: the ‘demonic kings’ or ‘nine gatekeepers’ are shrimp compared to the Demon Queens. They’re the real head honchos of the Dark! No Goetic or other male demon approaches them in scope. :slight_smile:


How does Lilith rule the Red String of Fate?