Interesting Concept of Manifestation

Hey Guys, I found this video that I thought was really interesting and am curious to see what you all think about it. Here it is and if you don’t want to watch all 6 mins, then start at 4:23.
Taoism The Dark Secret of Life Alchemy - A Waking Meditation.

There you go! You got your answer about how to forget about a ritual in this very video. Once you’ve gone beyond the point that this guy describes in this video, you’ll have exhausted so much of your emotions and attachments to the goal of the ritual, that the “charge” you have towards it will be gone and you won’t even really care anymore. And then, naturally, you won’t think too much about it anyways. It’s kind of paradoxical, isn’t it.

nice video find Damien…very interesting and open…hope this helps others on the forum