Interested in baneful magick

Lately, I’ve been super interested in baneful magick but I don’t have a good idea of where I should start studying. I do plan on reading Baneful Magick by EA but I would also like some other books and anything else you could recommend I take a look at.
Here are some questions:
How easy is it for you to perform a basic curse? I know it varies per person but I’d still like to know.
What entities can help me with baneful magick?
Is voodoo/hoodoo magick baneful or does it depend on how you go about using it?
I assume that since I’m delving into baneful magick I should look into protection magick as well, right? Yeah Yeah I know I should look into protection anyway.
Anyway, that’s all that I can think of so there ye go.

PS: If you wish to tell me anything else beside answers or recommendations then please do, I will gladly take any info.

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I will answer as best I can to cover everything.

Read, research and I started by watching Black witch S videos on youtube. I then devoured all of EA’s youtube video and then books.

It is easy to curse when you have a link with a spirit or Demon. You can ever curse without this depending on which approach to magic you follow.

I use the Goetia to help with Baneful magic. I have a long standing relationship with Lucifer and tend to go to him a great deal. I also use different spirits for different things.

The first step would be protection. There are lots of ways to do this in the search bar. It can be witches bottles, four corner protection etc.

Try and get the basics covered and do an Evocation of a spirit you feel called to. People can assist with this on here also.


Having good knowledge on the uses of herbs in witchcraft is helpful, knowing their uses in hoodoo is also useful if you wish to build on what you learn as they provide more possible ways to work with herbs and roots in your baneful magical work. Those ruled by Saturn and Mars I find are great in curses, my favourite personally is Belladonna

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When I get the chance I’ll provide some of the information I have in my book of shadows about Belladonna