Interacting With Spirits

I feel I’m going in circles when it comes to opening sigils and dealing w/ Goetics (and any other Spirit). The advice is to gaze at the sigil until it gets blurry and try to communicate w/ them. The other advice is to draw the sigil on one’s stomach in order to enter possession.

I just don’t really FEEL the Spirits. I sometimes meditate and chant for a few hours straight, but I just don’t really FEEL the possession or interaction. I even stopped brushing w/ fluoride a few ears ago 'cause it may affect the pineal gland.

Stop using Koetting’s method. It doesn’t work for you, evidently.

I recommend beginning with energy manipulation practices, if you haven’t begun them already. Learning how to feel different types of energy in different places is a stronger first step to spirit contact than the sigil method.

Speaking of that method, it is probably the weakest way to form a connection. If you’re truly trying to interact with spirits, don’t start there- instead, I would recommend learning to feel them through their energy, and communicate with them via shifts in energy.

Not only is it a more primal way of communicating, through sheer energy, it is more effective than speech- simply “feel” a thing to send it.

You need to understand the psychic skills you are building and how you are going about building them.

You are developing your ability to go into the 2 hypnotic states:
: hypnotic trance, and
: hypnotic flow.

You are also developing your ability to receive paranormal information by 3 induction and submodalized deepeners:
: psychometry (touch, smell, or taste)
: skrying objects/sounds (including sigils), and
: clairvoyance.

You are developing your telepathy, hopefully with a friend.

I haven’t even mentioned your mesmeric energy raising and sending.

There are different skills you use to do evocations. Skrying and telepathy are important for sigil magick. Erik didn’t take the time to explain that properly and it is holding you back.

Work on the psychic skills individually until you get them down and try evocations again. See if that helps

Did I ever send you that core shamanism tut? I have a new revision, basically completely updated from the earliest version you may have had, let me know if you want to try this. I like the sigil method but trance of evocation (“going there” or “calling them here”) are my main methods, and they all strengthen each other.

I’d like that tut, if you don’t mind.

You got it! :slight_smile:

Yer a peach!