What do magicians mean when you have to push your intention into the ritual, is it as simple as knowing what you want or is it more?


Intent is usually in accordance with WILL. it’s not only about knowing what you want. It’s about knowing that you WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT.

No matter the costs, with intent you want to be specific as to what you want to manifest and focus and hold that in your mind during the duration of the ritual, but with will you want to have this strong belief that your bidding will be carried out.

You won’t just say ‘I want to get some money’

You will instead say ‘I will get some money’

Want the results with all your heart and know that you will get it.

That your spell will manifest, by hook or crook or the Pharaoh’s flail. No matter the costs.



it is knowing exactly what you want but a little more. its a tad difficult for me to explain so im going to give an example: when i do candle magick as im saying my incantations i envision a orb of light thats a color aligned with my intent for example a black light for curses. the light represents my intent. the light hangs above the flame as im saying the incantation that aligns with what i want (the intent, what you want to do) i imagine my words and breath empowering the light and the light going into the flame and when i blow out the candle i envision the smoke sending my intent throughout the universe thus “pushing it out” and ending with “so be it or it is done”.

theres a lot of psychology behind my methods but it works very well. hopefully i didnt confuse you


So i should use a visualization to help push my intent into the world


it can help yes.

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Your main tools are your Thoughts, your Words, and your Deeds, directed toward a specific Intention by the sword that is your Will.


Visualize it as if it’s already happened, as if your result has already manifested.