Intense Panic During LBRP

So tonight, as I have a night alone (which is rare), I decided to familiarize myself with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I performed the LBRP exactly as described by EA Koetting in his video describing it.

Performing the ritual, I experienced intense apprehension while beginning and throughout. Has anyone experienced this before? I’m hoping it goes away with practice. Can this be the influence of parasitic spirits trying to prevent their own banishment? Does that even happen? Or is this more likely a symptom of my own fear towards the occult?

Any help is appreciated.

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My opinion on the matter would be to repeat the LBRP over and over, with deep intent. Take it as seriously as a fight, because it very well could be.

Id only ever felt apprehension before a banishing twice, each time something malevolent was involved. Definitely trust your instinct. LBRP in every room of the damned house to make a point :wink:

Edit: you could also include your fear of the occult as a subject of banishment, to help break down barriers


Yeah, in my experience it is the parts of the mind which are attached to your current mental patterns and habits. These parts of the mind are not fans of change and will resist.

If you wanna implement intense transformation with that ritual keep it up for at least 40 days straight starting out. In some of the systems that utilize it as the neophyte level have you do it for at least 6 to 9 months.

If you do this i can tell you from personal experience you life will shift and you will bump up against internal resistance.

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You may very well be right. Regarding doing it in every room, is that necessary? I’ll be honest, I’m terrified to try this in my basement. Dark half-finished basement + old boxes of shit that belonged to my estranged husband’s affair partners + a general creepy feel = a big nope for me as a general rule.

I love this idea. That said, it isn’t realistic for me to have time alone at home every day for that long. Is it possible to do the LBRP in the car? That’s the only time that I can think of where I can’t be heard reliably every day. But turning to the east/south/west/north would obviously be tricky.

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:thinking: you may wanna consider doing the ritual for a week or so there it may help ya move past the attachments and “creepy feelings” and the patterns associated with it. Then figure out what ya wanna do with the crap

I’ve performed the ritual a second time. Still anxiety, but not as much as last time. I will keep at it though and appreciate any and all advice. :slight_smile:

:thinking: couldn’t you do it in said basement? If you are only doing the lbrp itself it doesnt take that long once you have down. When i used that ritual by itself it takes maybe 10-15 minutes.

It can take a bit longer while learning it but you’ll get it pretty fast as you do it regularly.

@Dinmiatus There’s no door to my basement, and it’s an old house built in the 1950’s, so sound travels really fast and my estranged husband has good ears. He still sleeps here (in another room); we are getting properly legally separated in a couple of months, at which point I’ll be free.

Alas, he is home early, so that’s the end of tonight’s LBRP experiments. I will try again tomorrow probably, depending on if he’s around…

And yeah, I find it takes me 10 minutes or so - EA’s version is of course much shorter than the original Hermetic version.

I recently tried this ritual (LBRP) for the very first time a week ago. it wasn’t EA’s version, but im guessing something similar. I was just sitting on my bed trying it out, i didnt even do it properly… but i felt this great positive energy shift! i was surprised and delighted with the change.

Do you think with the changes in your life your generally suffering from a bit of anxiety and it has shaken your confidence? and that is making you doubt yourself and any positive results you might experience doing this ritual?

MY advice is make sure your feeling really good and positive and calm before attempting it again, doing it after you’ve done something you really enjoy or a relaxing massage - it will change your energy field.

Hope this helps! let me know if you would like a copy of the ritual i tried.

I have a roommate that I dont know for sure knows I’m a magician so to keep it a hopeful secret here are two ways I do magick.

1: Whisper. It can be filled with as much intent but it is quiet. I use this when I chant a Daemons name to build up energy and I do get results.

2: Imagine. The other thing you can do is imagine yourself doing rituals, sit down and imagine you getting up and doing the ritual.

The latter was something I got from a “Golden Dawn” video. The person said “I do it in my car when I’m stuck in traffic”. I also use this when I’m stressed and need to reset at work so I’ll imagine kneeling in darkness and quiet myself. As for your question I did do the LBRP and I got a strange result. I was working with Belial and I foolishly did this, when I was at the west point (a.k.a. my altar) I did not think about what I was doing and SLAM my door shut with force. I did have my window open but it had not done this all day so I know I fucked up. So a word caution cover consecrated items.
I hope these help. :slight_smile:

Hello, if you’re concerned about privacy, there’s a really light-weight banishing in Magickal Protection by Damon Brand that I use. You can do the whole thing in your mind, with no words spoken, facing any direction, in about 10 seconds. I usually take a little bit longer as I like to stabilize the visualizations a bit more, but I’ve used it in a pinch more than a couple times and it still works great.

I use a modified version of the LBRP before rituals, but I quite like the above Sword Banishing for getting rid of any nasties that come to bother me for whatever reason. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I call forth the mighty angels, wielding their massive swords of pure starlight, assume my own Divine form, and kindly tell them to fuck right off. Works great.

As I’ve said over and over again on this forum, EA only gives half the ritual on that video (for whatever reason). Do the complete ritual. Remember what happened at Boleskin house when Crowley aborted the Abramelin operation to go and have a chat with Matthers in Paris: the house suffered major paranormal activity, misfortune then ultimately burnt to the ground under mysterious circumstances.

I have never had this happen, But I do remember this one time when I was scared for no real reason and it just pissed me off. So I channeled all my anger into the ritual almost as if I was cursing my own fear. It filled me a sense of confidence, the likes of which I haven’t felt since. So my advice is to just do it until you feel like you are in control. Respond to any fear with rage. This is your turf, after all. NO ONE should be allowed to encroach on it.

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