Intense Magic Ritual

The other day when I was performing a magic ritual it started generating very intense energy. Almost like electricity. Like someone added an accelerant. Has anyone experienced that? It was a ritual with Two Spirits. All of a sudden all my candles started burning higher, bigger, brighter. Several candles melted IN THE MIDDLE. I’ve never seen candles with burnt/ melted away wax holes in the middle. And absolutely literally the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Electricity coursing all over my body up and down. Anyone experienced similar effects?


That sounds really intense!! I haven’t had the hairs standing up on my neck sensation, but I have experienced the candle burning brighter and taller, as well as feeling the energy in my room or area change. If I’m calling on a spirit, I can feel the temperature change, depending on which one was called.

Sounds like you had some great success performing your ritual :bouquet: