Intense images in the mind - what actually affects on your body physically

I’ve experienced these from my childhood, and they became more intense years by years. I didn’t read anything about exactly these kind of experiences, but I’m really curious about them, so if you have any idea, or similar experiences Darlings, please, share with me.

What I’ve experience every day

So, I was always that kind of little girl who loved travelling in her mind, seeing places, talking with others (mostly not humans or animals but shadows, Demonic figures and otherworldly creatures), doing things what she can not do. These are wasn’t dreams. It sometimes seemed “fantasizing”, but how the time as time passed, it became something like a “meditative”, or trance state.

In the last 2-3 years, it became more intense (especially after I started to meditate regularly). Now I’m able to go into this state even in a really busy, loud conditions and what makes me so confused is:

  • My body physically responds to my experiences / to every moment what I see:
    ― My heart beating way faster
    ― It is affects to my breathing
    ― I can sense my “movements” in my muscles, and after I “wake up” from these, I do it with sore muscles (like after a long, hard time in the gym)
    ― I can feel my organs burning, my skin - it feels like energies swirls around and inside me
    ― The adrenaline in my veins
    ― Every effects on me in those situations - I can sense them on my physically body as well (when a sword confronts mine, when I do a big jump, when I spreads my wings - that burning air around me, or the wind when I’m in motion - everything)

It is often happens that my body shaking while I’m in these actions (depends on the actual situation).
My eyes are opened, but I simply can’t sense too much from the material plane when “I’m out”.
These are so realistic, and some of them repeating (sometimes I can see burning battlegrounds, great armies, winged Gods but it is very variable, not all of these are war centric, at all).

Possibly it can be a very common experience, but what should I know about this? What does it means, or why do these happens?

( Sorry for my grammar - yes, I should say it more often - but I’m extremely tired at the moment, just wanted to post it because I’m finished my day with a massive K.O. )

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This happens to me pretty regularly. The content can be about anything; often strong enough where the mental pictures supersede my focus on reality.

Though the content usually has an esoteric implication, it doesn’t have to be explicit. The trance can be about history, for instance. But I’ll usually experience the relative emotions, and
often the psychological underpinnings between interactions, which I feel always have sexual and mathematical undertones.

Unfortunately, I’m not good at producing art, but I’ll also see things about light and shading and lines.

Yesterday, Aphrodite was in my mind as a white statue (which I have), and there was light reflecting on her in certain ways which would look very nice to draw, if I could.

I just try to always differentiate between these and ‘real’ physical reality in front of me, so I don’t start whispering to myself etc.

Your accent is cute as hell! :ok_hand:t2:


I think you’re receiving visions from the spirit world. They’re usually like that, no clear meaning at the time you see them, sometimes complicated and layered, other times simple and clear but deeply symbolic. It’s rare but it happens, when you receive a vision of an exact event… no symbols or any other meanings, what you see is what you get :slight_smile:

I believe you will know what they mean when the actual events they represent happen in real life, but keep in mind that this could take long years from the time you get the vision. So there’s nothing you can do more than what you’re actually doing, in my opinion.

Yes they usually occur with aggressive/intense physical reaction from the body.

This happens when your spirit is open to the spirit world, when you have a powerful spiritual connection with one or several spiritual entities. The more powerful they are, and the stronger this connection, the more intense those visions will become.


Thank you for your comment, @PrinceX and @fallenshadow . :black_heart:
Both of yours was interesting and was thought-provoking.

I’ve think in the same way about myself. I’ve often saw these in my head, before I wanted to start a new drawing, but the upshot was never that what I’ve imagined.

Nowdays got no really free times for arts (drawings, paintings - although these was my favorites).

Your accent is cute as hell! :ok_hand:t2:

Hm. I’ve remembered back to my past and my first connection with a Deity, and based on what you said, it makes sense. I mean, my close relationship with a stronger spirit/Deity started around that times when these experiences are became more intense, and in the last two months, it is even faster.

But now there is something memory came into my mind.
When I was 13-14 years old, I drew Azazel’s sigil everywhere. I felt that time a close connection to Him, and in those times I was a girlfriend of the Hungarian JoS editor, who wanted me to dedicate myself to Lucifer (funny, because I didn’t do that, and after long years - boom; I’m back, and Lucifer leaded me towards it - I just don’t even knew whats happened around me, I’m just started realize now).
Well, I didn’t contact with Azazel, but every time when I see His name this old and deep feling obsess me. Momentally I didn’t feel that “call like” thing inside my very soul, like in the other God’s case, but it is possible that I should work with Him - in time.

I just hope that I didn’t bother Him with my drawed sigils everywhere, and those times what I spent with thinking about Him.


“Energy follows thought”. What we imagine effects us and at times our environment, especially if we Intend to get the results we envision.
Whether the images are coming from the conscious, subconscious mind, or actually seeing entities and events, if we come into contact with the outside energy of something Real that we are seeing in our mind’s eye, 3rd eye, then that energy will effect our body, mind, and emotions, and spirit.
Can’t rule out us reacting to what we see, of course.