Intellectual gains from the goetia

Does the goetia deliver what it promises? I.E teaches all sciences and or teaches the person all languages? And how exactly would that work by just talking to a spirit? Please someone let me know!

Good question, I’m interested in that too…once I read a book in which the magician explained that the spirit teached him in his dreams.

I remember reading in Questing after Visions that with experience you can achieve a state in which you can communicate with entities without using words. It was something like a pure flow of information.

That said, it is possible to gain lots of information in a short time. :slight_smile:

Not speaking to the Goetia specifically, but to the general idea of kinda “downloading knowledge” …

I’ve had successes on several occasions where, in deep meditation, I found myself with a whole, synthesized body of knowledge surrounding the topic on my mind, that I did not “know” before I entered the meditation.

But to be clear here, I was not attempting to suddenly know Latin ir understand Neurosurgery. Having made my (personal) disclaimer however, I would add that I believe such manifestations of extraordinary knowledge to be possible. Yes, absolutely … :wink: Z

Yes. From what I’ve seen, it’s not an over night thing but rather by-chance encounter’s with people, places or things that’ll bring you towards your goal.

I’ve seen that too. Honestly, they are awesome.