Instantaneous teleportation

Can you teach me instantaneous teleportation?

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I’ve noticed, @nambadao, that you have made 7 topics, and 8 posts, but have still not done a proper introduction, as is required on this forum. Please go to the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and do so. Failure to respect the rule may result in the removal of your posts and suspension of your account.

Yes, I just instantaneously teleported your question to this topic. :+1:


Where am I missing?

Nothing, you are okay now! :+1:

@DarkestKnight is a senior member and was being helpful. :+1:

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Sure, anyone can, all you have to do is say abracadabra and you can teleport yourself anywhere…


Perhaps you can reply directly to Nemesis, and ask him.

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How? Have you summoned anything else?

oh! How do I do ?

You can google it and there are some great articles in Hungarian as well as Vietnamese. Think hard and wish hard and it will happen.

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can you give me a link?
thank you

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