Instant Third Eye Opening

Do instant third eye opening like what most YouTube videos really entails are exaggerating to be honest ? Is there any way one might open a third eye in an instant ?

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About various types of videos there are many clickbaits with maybe a few legit ones amongst them. Perhaps, a combination of methods: play a binaural video for opening the third eye, gaze at the sigil of Paralda, Mepsitahl or Sastan etc, meanwhile focus on your brow or between eyebrows… Or instead look at a scrying device (bowl of water, black screen/mirror) almost as through the surface and clasping your hands, with thumbs touching each other.
Some techniques from Robert Bruce: contract and relax the muscles on that point of your face, then fan with your hand near it and concentrate on the residual feelings. Brush the entire brow left-right and up-down with your fingertips, memorize the feeling and try to recreate it without physical contact. Imagine to put your fingers into a donut’s hole (brow’s center) and tear it: feel that. Brush with a circular motion an imaginary ball, clockwise and counterclockwise. Apply a bandage around your head, once again at the level of the brow. Repeat the affirmations “my third eye awakens, I can see auras, I can see the human energy body”.


Best way to “open” your third eye is to flex that imagination through visualization and fantasy. Very lucid fantasy.

Can you maintain a vivid daydream while being occupied in the physical world? Like being in two places at once?

Sound, touch, smell, sight.

In initiation into hermetics by Franz bardon, there’s a visualization exercise where you start out simple and work your way up.

An orange circle…then an orange sphere…then the fruit…see it’s texture, feel it’s skin, smell it’s aroma…maybe even open it and taste it in your mind.

Imo, the whole “making objects appear” thing is about this.

To fall into a trance and engage in super lucid surreal visualization and fantasy, bringing objects into your awareness and experience.