Inspiration for us,the loners

No take personally, but i was talking to tis author. Fat, short, fat face, ugly, in his 50s, ugly af. Who say i slerp wjit thousands of wowen. Yea rgt i say i knw him from a old forum. Back in 2000s, he star explainining his methods, and spells. He has 2 things always a smile, smell good, and always do lucky speells, money zpells, not necessary sex spells he cast lucky. Money get invited to big parties, he has a glow. And gwt money often. Tp teach in secret. And he get results, he was born into magik. But basically. Smile. Smell good. And luck. Money spells, he dnt work. Hes not brooke. Inspiration. He s so ugly. Bit have beautiful woqens always on call. He work whit demons, and goddess, notgoetia, hes the second gpod magician who not do goetia… Hopeu like his advice.

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You can clearly see where is the magic there


Maybe personality? A strong devilish aura of Sex and self confidence does the Trick. And of course money to spend and having a car

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Digging for gold. :pick: :trophy:

Rav he dnt have car he use huber, not work always loaded, 1 thing i see is he not use the demons we use most in america. Different demon’s. Get invited to big parties, and get gifts freebies. If u see him on the stret he glow. Like gold, or strong aura. I may see if im allowed to post some in tis post.