Inside Colombia's Temple of Lucifer

Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

This is what I need: a hooded Tee-shirt and a large, inverted wooden cross I can carry around. I mean, just so much credibility. And the powerful ritual; well I was almost, but not quite, completely blown away. The expected, if somewhat understated, analytical opinions of the street people is something I’m afraid I’ll always cherish. The Luciferian “Chosen One”, Víctor Damián Rozo certainly has a naive, cardboard cut-out charm coupled with a concocted, cinema driven, anti-Catholic magnetism - all inversely proportional to his ignorance. Still, credit where credit’s due and here it really isn’t.



A “Luciferian church” with a Pentecostal goal… I would find it really stupid if Mormons didn’t want to become gods and have their own worlds just like LHP guys want

Imagine: The mormon god is real an he’s just like “yah here ya go” hands them evoking eternity

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In my system the Mormon god is a mask of the much greater entity that according to me is better explained by the Holy Qabalah, but that’s just my system. Mormons are into psychic stuff and they sometimes try to convert psychics offering them enormous amounts of money and even marriage with big breasted, blond women, if you accept your life gets economically solved, I know of a guy who accepted and now lives in the US. Also, regular Mormons are used to see miracles, or at least the ones I know from her who are mostly American blond guys are. they have their own occult tradition, but what they do is believing that the “Book of Mormon” tells a real story because they have success with their magick within that system, they tie one thing with the other

Well, my personal experience with mormons is when I used to be brought along to a mormon church. Very culty, but in the christianity sense. These people were more like “Lets BUILD stuff and tie KNOTS”, than actual magick. Or anything magick related.

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That’s why my people don’t join them, the American mentality of being productive is not for a mostly Catholic country, but you know, what you say is true, the regular Mormons I know know little about the occult, the only ones I’ve met that know about that aspect of that religions are the ones that drew their attention because of their psychic powers, so I think it’s like with any occult traditions. I mean, in the King James Bible there is a verse, it was quoted by Kenneth Grant in “Nightside of Eden”:

Luke 8:10
And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

Thanks for sharing!

The temple been been there for long time, he wants to create a church of satan tipe. But he s already. On a scam profile, and theft according multiple peopls, so no trusty person. Impresive idea tho.