Insatiable thirst for Power

Most magicians I’ve noticed are obsessed with power, and for good reason. If you were to become obsessed with won thing I would say power is thee victorious end all be all of obsession. I am just trying to lighten my load by enlightening the dark recesses and potentials of your’s. There is potential in every sentient being to become all-powerful, it is possible to glimpse the power play between thee ultra-mega hyper-meta God’s of timeless archetypification, but in so doing, you are making yourselves vulnerable to the myriad ills that accompany such a powerful presence. The question is about whether or not the capacity of your Temple is equipped to handle such extreme loads of energy. Your karma will determine the depth and intensity of experience for which you are blessed to perceive. Your ability to decode that experiential information matrix is also determined by the patterns that brought you into the presence of the divine, or in another word, karma.

Power is not all it’s cracked up to be, but if you do happen to be amongst the lucky few to glimpse its reckoning, let it remain a memory to encapsulate the ideal for which you strive to embody. Just don’t fall prey to it’s madness is the warning.


I’ve seen so many old friends go mad. Sometimes it is because they exposed theirself to a dark repressed part of their psyche they weren’t ready to explore yet. Most of the time it’s because they had a little success, and then they go wild with lust for complete control and power… and they usually end up fooling theirselves… getting lost in a dream world of magick and crazy conspiracies they think up.

It’s like they forget, so much of the success was actually in the mental act of letting go and the physical activity of keeping the feet moving. So much of the mastery and control is not in strong arming everything around you, but in how you choose to react to what’s happening around you. That’s the real seat of power and control, being the calm in the eye of the tornado.

My more experienced friends always told me to keep one foot firmly planted in reality. If I feel myself slipping out into the wind, I stop and crawl back to the center.

Lovely topic and post thank you so much for making it.


I think LaVey’s way of articulating it sums this concept up well; “Indulgence instead of abstinence, but NOT compulsion”. It’s fine to seek power. It’s fine to be powerful. It’s fine to have sex, drink alcohol, and do the more taboo things. It’s just important to remember that they shouldn’t control you life. Power’s nice, it feels good, but too much of it in a small space isn’t always good.


What do you think could be the negative impact of such power on the magician and the world around him? Besides possible fall in madness or the collapse of the mortal body ?

How to break free from the limitations of the human form ?! It almost feels like it was specifically designed this way as a safety net. To make sure that we can’t go beyond specific limits… do you think this is true ?

Stay grounded

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Is the warp = the void?
Or is the warp, the sea of all thoughts combined?

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Sounds more like the aether or astral to me.

@PrinceX I think yah, safety parameters are in place so we don’t see something we aren’t prepared to handle. Martial artists condition their bodies over long periods of time to be able to contain and channel highly concentrated currents of energy.

The Kundalini will burn you if you force it too hard. I’m sure everyone in the mind of the person goin too far are effected in unknown ways.


Yes I believe that’s true, Thank you for explaining that.

But since emotions, thought-pictures, thought-sensations and what we typicly consider “thoughts”
are basicly all thoughts, and the warp is more like the center from which all life comes from,
it seems to be more than a “mere” plain.

The aether and thee astral are no mere plane. It’s semantics. Understanding such things isn’t done only with words but through trial and error testing and intuitive feelings of what it is. You choose how you define these ideas for yourself.


OMG, you posting this song is very synchroharmonious with me, thank you, this album just blew my mind.

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I’d have to say its ice cream for me bro…
Yea I really cant exist without it.


I remember your topic about excess physical energy. I think you and I are on the same level, hopefully one day you get a taste of what it’s like at thee edge.

Honestly I have different perspectives. I have been through so much pain I my spiritual journey, Pain I have never experienced before. This pain has led me to not take life too seriously. I know this life is not the last, it is definitely important for my evolution, but not the last…
So I am risking it all, taking steps I have never taken. If I am to be a God, I have to do all that is my reach to achieve my desired end. For me the Results are worth my struggle.

I always say if you really want true power, then know yourself. However, this requires sacrificing the root cause of all disempowerment, i.e. ego or attachment to the senses, and some find this hard to do because the ego is fucking goo and creating illusions of grandeur. Yes, karma or attachment to certain perspectives plays a big part in this process.

Seeking outside of the self/body/mind can lead to destruction.

My aim over an ocean of time is achieve to ascend to achieve the ultra mega super colossal Hyper meta dark Godlike powers, obtaining power too quickly is dangerous, obtaining power slowly also try to find out how to prevent vulnerability.

What did you read my stuff about thee ultra-mega hyper-meta verge merging?