Inroduction - iamdemeter

Hello good people. I have been a practising occultist for over 30 years.

I have dabbled my feet in many occult puddles and lakes over the years - wicca, hoodoo, rituals, sigils, group work, solo work, chaos… and on and on.

These days I am mainly based in Hermeticism and Stoicism. My main focus has always been that we are capable of more than we think we are.

We are always learning and it’s great to share.


i contaced actually demeter few days ago, because i was looking goddes or demoness, to bless my mushrooms, im growing magick mushrooms and wanted goddess or demoness of agriculture, if that is right word for farming, tranlsations are strange with that word, farming.

she sees calm being, you are probably happy to work with her and use her name

just came to say hi, you can ask me anything, im satanic… it seems to be missing from your studies :slight_smile:

She does help me out around the garden!

Ha, satanism hasn’t been left out… I think I spy the Satantic Bible over there on the shelf. Though I wouldn’t say I worship any particular pantheon, more using the forces that best fit my needs. I also don’t go along with dualist religion of a good and bad - more like shades of grey and many helpers.

Yea she came to see me too, when i was watering shrooms one day, just to say that she had noted that i been googling about harvest deities :slight_smile:

also my satanism is very different, since i work mostly with living beings, not that much with deities nowadays :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.