Inner Aggression

Hi, I’ve recently started working with Bune. I can’t hear or see, but, can sense and feel energies. I feel that since I started, there is this inner aggression. I can be as calm as a cucumber on the outside, but can go into beast mode if someone even remotely rubs me the wrong way.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Anything that increases personal energy and power can have this effect, even meditation.

This is a known side-effect, and therefore not likely to be the result of spiritual parasites or external influences:

If the goal of meditation is to calm your mind, and that is achieved, then it’s going to do something else at the same time, and that’s calm your body. And since the mind and body are integrated, if your mind is calm, then your body is calm. When your body is calm and descends into a deep level of metabolic rest (as it does in deep meditation), it’s going to restore balance and release stresses that are stored in your body. These stresses are actually stored in the form of energy and like all energy, it can’t be destroyed. It can only be transformed.


See also:

Those all have ideas on things to do about it as well, which apply to magick as much as meditation. :slight_smile:


The Clairsentience ability is connected to your emotions just as much as it’s connected to the ability to sense and feel energies. No wonder you feel this anger, sometimes.

When spirits try to open our audible sense, with the clairsentience allready activated, it seems common to curse like someone with extreme Tourette Syndrome. In some ways, we fight back automatically instead of letting it have it’s course. And I think fear is also a cause for this occurrence.

Have you tried to let go of control? You would be surprised of the outcome.


I’ll try this, thank you.


“Bune”: this is ancient hungarian word, “Bune” meaning in hungarian “bűn”. “Bűn” in english = “Sin”.

This is originally ancient tibetan (true) magical cult and practice. (Bön")

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