Initiatory rites in The Black Scriptures by Somnus Dreadwood

Last year I bought The Black Scriptures and … by Maergzjiran Cabal Grandmaster Somnus Dreadwood, and what I read deeply resonated with me.

I have read through both of these books, as well as Rites in the Thirteen Tongues (same author), but have practiced very little of the magick in any of these tomes. I feel like the past several months have been steering me toward being ready (i.e. setting my life up) to take on the Initiatory rites outlined in The Black Scriptures.

To help keep me focused on the overall work, I am keeping a journal on this thread. I did the same thing a couple of years ago when I walked the 9 Gates in the 1586 Necronomicon, and I got so much more out of that pathworking than I would have if I hadn’t journalled on this message board.

So, here’s how I’m starting:

Since I don’t have a dedicated area to work my rituals, I will be creating a magick circle, as instructed in the book, that is 9’ in diameter. I’ll be doing it on black canvas so I can take it with me when I move to another residence (and for easy storage).

I also need to set up a new, portable altar (probably a TV tray), and buy a new chalice. I already have an athame.

I’ll write a new entry when I have acquired one or more ritual tools.


Interesting how things work. Ever since I wrote the initial post for this topic, I have been on quite a rollercoaster, but (as is so often the case) not in any way I had anticipated.

First I must acknowledge that I have not aquired any new ritual tools, I have not created a 9’ magick circle. This is not for a lack of action or intention, but for the fact that I have been detoured and redirected elsewhere.

So, some months ago I was speaking with Lord Shaitan about some of the content in The Devil’s Quran. Upon realizing some profound Truths, He told me that I “must learn the Way of Fire.” I asked for some clarification and He told me I would get it soon.

A few days after, I called on Lord Oridios (very powerful fire lord) for some guidance with the Way of Fire. Through our conversation he revealed to me that the Djinn have a Creative side to them; that they are not strictly destructive.

This was a shock to me! Further, he told me that I must work with each Djinn listed in S. Ben Qayen’s “Book of Smokeless Fire” and discover the Creative side of each of them.

The thought of doing this scared the shit out of me, plain and simple. So it was no surprise that my ego soon got in the way and I decided some other directions I would take (such as going forward with the initiatory rites in The Black Scriptures).

But Lord Shaitan has remained true to His word; the Path of Fire is becoming clear! There is far too much for me to write in this entry but I will write more soon.

Although this is only my second entry for this topic, it looks like it may be my last. Instead, I will start a new topic (with the same purpose: to document my path), but on learning the Way of Fire.

This is looking to be a HUGE, and profound, can of worms!


Haha! Never quite know what twists and turns may come up on this Path.

It has been made clear to me that I AM initiating myself into the Maergzjiran Path, while also realizing the Way of Fire! For me, these two go hand-in-hand. I will be performing the initial rite on either October 30th or 31st (I haven’t decided yet), and the Blood Pact a few nights later during the full moon.


I bought one of his books out of curiosity of the path, still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Seeing this is making me very confident in my purchase. Good to see that the material is benefiting others. :slight_smile:

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I highly recommend buying any of his books via Amazon, rather than directly through the Black Court website. I have heard of potential delays in receiving orders through that site, but Amazon is very dependable.


Yes buy from amazon. Not issues there

I also bought the Black Scriptures recently. It really feels familiar to me. I am going to get ready and do the initiation into the path on the 31st I believe. I am happy to see others on this same path! I am not alone! hehehe!


That’s so cool! Thanks for letting me know! I’d love to “compare notes” so to speak, if you’d be okay with that.


Sure thing! I have no problem with that!

Ho. Lee. SHIT! My wife - who has never, ever had any inkling of an interest in engaging in any “dark” spirituality (a.k.a. what I’m into), just read a small section of “The Eye of the Oracle” by Señor Dreadwood. (For those who don’t know, this book outlines a complete curriculum in psionic magick.) This section describes the seven Lords and Ladies of the Tower of Void. I had invited her to read this section and see if any of them called to her.

After she read it, she first said that this wasn’t for her; it’s not her thing. But when I asked her to tell me why, exactly, she took a good look at herself, and after a long silence, she laughed and said, “Okay, so what do I do now?”

She said she resonated with a certain one of the Ladies of the Void, and she wanted to know how she could begin on this Path!

Oh, BTW, I’ve been wishing lately that she would find a place for herself on a path close to mine. Well, here’s what just happened! Now she is!

This is no coincidence. I would certainly count this as a clear sign that I am on the correct path for me.


Nice result, congrats! :thumbsup:


I can only recommend the books at and, if you are interested, to check out the Temple of Silence.
If a person is interested in discipleship, then the Temple of Silence is the place to contact about this.
What is taught in the Temple, stays in the Temple.
Recommending the books from appropriate vendors such as Amazon and the Temple is allowed.


@jbkbmz Just sent a PM regarding a few questions.

I FINALLY did the first rite three nights ago. I didn’t do it on Halloween because I had to do it on the full moon.

First of all, my bruised ego would like to acknowledge that I have never really done rituals according to a certain structure. I’ve always taken the bare essentials of a rite and added flesh to it however I intuitively saw fit. But this ritual (and the three are still to come) have a specific, formal structure; what to do and when to do it.

So, with that in mind…

I performed it on the roof of my apartment building. The moon was out and there were scattered clouds. As I began, I called down energy from Belnara (Lord of nocturnal magick). Just as I began, I looked up to the sky and all of the clouds North (from my vantage point) of the moon, had completely changed form. They were shaped into a bunch of individual, elongated blobs. And the clouds themselves looked like smoke under glass.

I took this as a good sign that the Lords of Maergzjirah were with me.

As I went through the first few incantations, I fumbled at one point with what I was supposed to say (not with the words so much as the intent) but recovered and kept going. After that, I did as prescribed and splashed some concecrated water around my circle and altar area.

And after that, I brain-farted.

I sat there trying to remember what came next in the ritual, but… nothing. After a few moments I got out my book (The Black Scriptures) to find my place. I did, and continued, but my concentration wasn’t 100%. I was distracted by the fact that I had dropped the ball and I could feel the Maergzjiran Lords watch me do it.

Soon after, I signed my name in blood on a piece of parchment (actually it was a blank flash card). But as I tried to burn it in the candle’s flame… it wouldn’t light. I tried the corner of the card and the edge but it didn’t even turn black from soot. Weird.

And then the candle went out. I felt like Illkeserod (the entity who presides over this part of the ritual) was telling me something. I tried to light the candle again but it wouldn’t light. So I picked it up to try again and the melted candle wax splashed on my forearm, burning me. This got my attention, as I took this as a proverbial smack upside the head, and I received Illkeserod’s message:

“You have not prepared adequately for this ritual. Your execution is clumsy. This will not due. You must do better than this.”

The next time I attempted to light the candle it ignited right away and I burned the card… or most of it anyway. There was a small part of the card that didn’t want to burn. So I ended up resting it on top of the candle and it finally - slowly - burned.

But something happened then that I had never seen before. The entire top of the candle burned - not just the wick - and the ashen edges of the piece of flash card glowed a silver-ish white. And it didn’t go out! The whole top of the candle just kept burning, spilling a river of wax down onto my altar. So I sat there gazing into this magickal flame for as long as i could hold my focus. I don’t know how much time passed before I blew the candle out, but after I did I felt like I should have been more patient and let it burn longer while I stared into it.

The next day I beat myself up quite a bit for being so ill prepared. That night, as I was about to meditate before going to bed, Lady Astrael came to me and counseled me. She helped (and is still helping) me to learn everything I could from my mistakes, without judgement. This is difficult for me sometimes but she is very patient and kind. It is especially challenging for me right now because, as I am also learning the Way of Fire, I am coming face-to-face with my inner Demon. And he is one powerful, brutal, rage monster.


I did the ritual on the 4th as well. I did mine inside. I have some health issues that made going outside and trying to stand in the yard stupid and dangerous for me to attempt. As well as giving my oh-so-nosy neighbors something else to talk about! They come up with enough stories from their own imagination and I would rather not give them fuel!! Anyway I also wanted to make my ritual space indoors and not establish it on my lawn. So indoor in the place where I intend to create my ritual space to work with them, I set up the circle I had prepared. and sat on it. I kept the book open and did the ritual as written. When I opened the gate I felt them and saw them in my mind as they entered.

It was so strong a presence that the next day my daughter told me they woke her from a sound sleep. She felt a strong aura, lifted her head and said hi and went back to sleep! lolol!! I knew she felt it during the ritual too and at one point I thought to myself, she knows they are here, as I glanced towards her room half expecting to hear her to come out, I continued with the ritual pausing a few times to make sure I was doing it correctly. I felt their energy fill me but I am used to feeling auras and energies so it did not bother me. When I was done I felt they were happy and some stuck around a while. I never dismiss or banish at the end of a ritual.

I did not know if something was supposed to happen, or what would happen, but I felt the ritual was done. My signature was received happily by them and I felt happy and tired so I went to sleep. I was awakened about an hour later by something that made me look to the foot of my bed and saw a dark figure standing there staring at me. I believe it was Zazazel. I said hi and went back to sleep with a smile on my face for the second time that night.

Since the ritual I feel stronger. The next day when I meditated I saw a black fog cloud before me and black tentacles came out and to me and the energies from it filled my whole body. I am stronger mentally and it shows in my actions. I know I have a lot to learn but I am sure this is just the beginning or a beautiful relationship. I hope to be able to hear them as clearly as you appear to be able to do soon so I can get clearer teaching from them! It is awesome that Astrael came to you and is teaching you like that. She is very nice. I meditated and asked them if it was ok with them to do the ritual indoors before I did it and I was told it was ok. Otherwise I would have tried to get help and gone outside. It worked out really well the way it went though.

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What an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing that, Nikki. As I was reading it, Astrael whispered to me to take note of how you made the rite your own without changing it. She told me to not focus so much on the details as much as the intent of each action, which is how I’ve always done my rituals in the past, but I got into my head too much with this one.


Awesome!!! Thank you Astrael for your wisdom! And thanks for sharing THAT!!

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