Hello everyone
My question is
How important is initiation for black magic?

What do you mean by that? Initiation is mandatory if you want to pierce the core of a system and its mysteries. Initiation is when you stop dabbling and start dedicating your life to magic, or when you dabble in the wrong currents, for some gates just can’t be shut once they have been opened. Initiation is the harsh and painful, but beautifully liberating ego-dissolving process of Alchemy that occurs when you open yourself up to these forces. It’s your choice though, because this is what sort out the wolves from the sheep. Either you embrace this inevitable Change and ride along it into the Abyss of the unknown, or you get crushed by it.

[quote=“snake, post:1, topic:8992”]Hello everyone
My question is
How important is initiation for black magic?[/quote]

Start working with spirits directly in any pardigm - black, whoite healing, whatever - and they will put you through initiatory experiences. It’s like asking “how imp[ortant is learning for babies?” - a baby learns to focus, grab, walk, talk, these HAVE to happen and (except in rare cases) are hardwired TO happen.

And seeking out initiations (showing ambition and grtasp) is also a good thing. Just be skeptical of any human who claims their system is the best and only one for all mankind, because that’s probably more about them than about what will help you.