Initiation with Sastan

Tomorrow will commemorate the 9th day of my pentagram devotional exercises. I will not begin this monologue with multitudes of shiny flashy words, but will say that my life is quickly transforming into a powerful bastard.

The past three days have been nothing short of complete amazement and hard work in transforming my embodied magickal state into a powerhouse of vision and sound.

Sastan has indeed taught me the value of hard work and effort. The more I put into it the more I realized the real truth behind so much falsehood.

Although for reasons placed unto me by Sastan to never reveal the secrets given unto me I will relay at the very least in vague terms what I have thus far experienced:

1.) Secret art of fire manipulation

2.) Embodying the essence of the element of fire within me

3.) High Magickal rituals to control and/or use this element properly

4.) Philosophy and an understanding of this element

5.) Opening scrying vision and third eye

6.) Secret totems and images to transform the living body

7.) obtaining a kick ass fire familiar as an magickal assistant

8.) Evoking spirits through flame /opening a gateway

9.) Encounters with various fire spirits and elements “clairvoyantly”

10.) obtaining many many MANY sigils for various fire beings with a plethora of attributes (not all is fire related)

and the list goes on…

My apologies for being vague but…its a pact!

Tomorrow I will be initiated unto the fire element as my final prep to move onwards towards other elements (as per sastan)

My life will never be the same again!

I believe that one of the true secrets to adepthood is becoming each element. Next will be Water, then air, finally earth. Why do you think they call the fifth element “spirit”?


Here are a few pics of my small setup I’ve been using thus far. I am not using my altar but instead the floor, why? I have no idea but it feels better that way. I like minimal since it allows me to actually focus my attention internally. Everything Ive accomplished so far was by just viewing EA’s coursework (evocation master class) sections 3-5. I have as yet seen the rest of the videos as I am moving rather slowly, its like climbing a tall mountain carrying a big bowling ball in your nap sack. When I reach the top I’ll release it. The force will be twice or more in velocity than the weight.

this is my most basic setup.

1.) one black floor cloth
2.) two candles one white one red (something alchemical about it not sure why I have it that way)
3,) Pentagram art (used heavy board with black oil paint, red markers)
4.) One small amethyst skull crystal ( found it at a local crystal store. Bought it since…well…just looks cool on my altar and during rites)
5.) Silver antique plate and ornate holder ( just 5 bucks at goodwill)
6.) notebook, pen, and inverted pentagram brass holder (again found at goodwill, yes inverted…well…i turn it upside-down so…holds white California sage smudge (the scent is intoxicating and gets me in the theta-gamma very quickly)
7.) sigil and 2nd incantation from EA
8.) one large bottle of CVS Rubbing alcohol 91% (best fire thus far. couldn’t find everclear in Miami)

as you can see its not elaborate nor awesome sauce!! just the essentials. I basically expanded what EA was teaching on the video (thinking outside the box)

Fire action on the floor (had to move the furniture quickly yikes!!)

Some pics of strange salamanders in an act of creation

For Water I will be using a black bowl and my scrying mirror, for earth I will use my large clear quartz crystal for scrying(seems appropriate) and finally for air most likely the mirror and well…the open air space in front of me (like EA with Paralda right?) and create a vortex in front of me.

one more thing before im off to bed…

If there’s one thing these entities,spirits,ghost,elements,demons,etc…really abhor is a practitioner that does not truly acknowledge their objective existence. They are real folks…just like the hot coffee girl at my Starbucks who serves me every morning. Believe in them and they in turn will do the same.

Make them real and you become real to them.

I’ve really enjoyed your posts S.V.E. Very encouraging. I just wanted to ask; You have said that the second conjuration is more potent than the simpler, first one and I notice you have written it down. When you are conducting the pentagram meditation, are you reciting the conjuration from memory? If so, why have it written down? If you are reading the conjuration, how are you maintaining your gaze on the pentagram? Thanks!

[quote=“S.V.E, post:3, topic:1603”]Believe in them and they in turn will do the same.

Make them real and you become real to them.[/quote]
Yes! I love this.

Keep up the great work S.V.E. Very inspiring!

I haven’t memorized it, not fully yet…

I only use it as a guide to start me up. But after a few repetitions I find myself beginning to sway and move reciting made up words that kinda sound like an incantation. I just go with it and keep repeating it over and over.

I begin every session by first gazing at the pentagram a few seconds. Once I see its activated then I move my focus to reciting the incantation slowly then quickly building up momentum to the point that it starts to be just gibberrish.

for many years all I did was take my high magick rituals way way too seriously.
to the point where if I caught myself forgetting a phrase or word, or I didn’t use my left hand but my right,or I didn’t spell the Hebrew correctly my guilt trip would be exponential.

I have the the 2nd incantation in front of me as a “guide” to loose myself into the theta-gamma. You’re suppose to have fun with this system and just believe it. Let yourself go…as EA would say “drop mind”

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OK. Thanks for clearing that up.

In the second fire scry photo I totally see a body in movement!

Nice. I wouldn’t use rubbing alcohol though since its fumes are toxic.

What would be suitable to use since rubbing alcohol in not good?


Dear S.V.E could you please indicate or write hear what the second incantation or conjuation is please?

SVE has gone away from this forum (as he said)

What would be suitable to use since rubbing alcohol in not good?


Any alcohol that’s 150 proof or higher is flammable. I just use some of the moonshine I make.