Initiation into the sephirot

Does anyone know of specific rituals/books for initating into the sephirot, calling the energies of each sphere into you, facing the trials and going through that transformative process like the rites of arachayim 2 from vk jehannum?

I have been searching for a while but i havent found anything like that. Thank you for the help



Out of all the books I’ve read out about traversing the 22 paths this one takes the cake. You don’t necessarily do it a sphere at a time though. You start with the elements and finish with the planets.


But does it involve the spheres in any way?

The spheres are meant to be seen as a filing cabinet and a way of expressing the universe.


If I were you I’d look into the Kathara Tree, it’s the original human blueprint and it has 12 spheres

It aids in DNA activation and fallen angelic DNA reversal


This book has something like what you mentioned Tree of Qliphoth by Asenath Mason. You could replace with corresponding angels for spheres.

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Is what i thought of aswell but i was curious about some experience and some rituals just abt the sephirotic initiation and path. Somehow there is a lot of info about the tree of death but i hardly seem to find info on the tree of life

Oh that sounds extremely interesting. Thank you i will look into it!

Magical States of Consciousness: Pathworking the Tree of Life by Phillips and Denning.

It’s not like VK Jehannum’s stuff though. It’s traditional pathworking ie walking the twenty two paths of the Tree.


Thank you will deffo check it out

Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to say?

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Don’t forget, you can also simply evoke each archangel corresponding to the individual spheres, and ask them to initiate the process for you. They will then flood your life with the relevant energies to experience.


True probably the sinplest method aswell. Then thank you!

I will go with this then.

Another question i would have is, if i do not want any soul alchemies of neither sephiroth or qliphoth would i just need to tell it to the archangels/archdemons that rule over each sphere when initating

Would that work?

Yes, just tell them you want to experience the energies of each sphere, but not have them change anything about your soul. You will, however, still be affected by the energies on some level. There’s really no way around that, because that’s exactly the point of initiation.

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Thank you very much, i guess thats true but aslong its not heavy soul alchemy i can deal with it

The ritual with the ruling entity would be repeating it have any benefit? And would asking the ruling entity to give you more of the spheres energy have benefits?