Initiation into the Golden Dawn or other groups where the grade rituals are known to you

Ive heard that some individuals do the intiations over and over again until it “clicks”. Is this possible and common? I can construct a temple and tools once I have some money to work with.

Repeating initiation rituals was something that was mentioned in Cicero’s “self-initiation…” book. With the complexities of what to remember, and all the visualizations to do, the authors mention that it’s fine to do the initiation rituals numerous times to get the full effect of it.


Once is probably good, I say that as a self initiated member of the golden dawn.

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Well they say practice makes perfect, but if you did it right the first time why bother repeating unless your a perfectionist.

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Agreed, if you did it fine the first time then there is no need to keep doing it. I was just pointing out that the authors said it’s fine to do multiple times.

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@Reaper182 :+1:I understand that the author said it’s ok to, and that you were just pointing it out.

Knowing there are people out there in readerland who think if it’s not perfect it doesn’t count, he probably wanted to reassure them that its not gonna do any harm if they repeat it til they feel they’ve got it down pat.

In other words, whatever works

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