Infusing cemetery dirt (graveyard dirt) with death energy

In the book “Satanic grimoire of black magic”. it is said to infuse cemetery dirt with death energy.

Anyone know how to do it

You can find this under death spell


Thanks but why you withdraw

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I don’t think you need to do anything to cemetery dirt to infuse it with the energy of death, at least it my experience. That energy is already ripe in dirt from a graveyard.


what did he say im curious on this also

Cemetery dirt has different intensity and power. If someone is sensitive to death energy you sense it. Lots of times there is new earth bougth from gardening shops. That Cemetery dirt is weak. It must be old one!!! So first thing important to say is that one should know the cemetery you work with.

Second, death energy is extremly addictive. That is a very serious issue. But is very dangerous and has its problematic like apathy, Depression, sickness, death. It’s a devouring dense, static, cold and beautiful energy.

To empower it if not strong enough you can take death energy from dead animals (with organs and bought in any supermarket) its easy to manipulate cause it’s dense is like a cloud of smoke. You hold it through the left hand and put it in the target through the right hand. Is basic energy work. And visualise it! That helps a lot to manipulate the death energy.

After that work, cleaning is necessary: shacking the body so that really the unwanted energy doesn’t stick, bathing, eating, even jumping on the same spot 3-10 times will do it.


Actually that was written in that book Satanic grimoireof black magick that’s why I asked.
no problem.

The energy present in cemeteries isn’t death energy and shouldn’t be thought of as such, the energy at a cemetery is residual energy of the bodies there, along with whatever residual emotional energy that is left over be it sadness, anger, depression, illnesses, and so forth. It shouldn’t be confused with death energy, which you can evoke or call on the energy of a death entity be it a reaper, thanatos himself, Azrael, and so on, you don’t have to evoke the actual entity but you can evoke their energy.


How to evoke their energy ?

That’s why the author told to infuse with death energy

Can Belial help?

Belial has nothing to do with death energy, demons are dark energy beings for the most part, but the same way you would evoke the actual being but shift your intention to their energy not their entire being.

Okay thnx

Can I also visualize grey aura / grey color all over dirt

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If it works for you yes

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Thnx for your help

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Add yew leaves and valerian root and patchouli leaves and maybe coffee and tabacco and rum and a drop of blood anything associated with dead you can also get human bone powder from Luciferian apotheca website then evoke some necromantic entities of your choice bune bifrons murmur Santa muerte azrael Akasha subterfuge baron samedi papa legba Lilith Samael and the actual human lost dead and forgotten spirits of the cemetery themselves would be great options evoke them however many of those options you want ask them to imbue some there energy into the soil collected from old graves and do it in the cemetery at night preferably and preferably on a full moon or new moon on a day of Saturn

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Thanks very much

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Of course let me know if you need anything else I live feet away from a active old cemetery and research and practice necromancy

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The problem is getting the valerian root and yew leaves

I know etsy is there but the authenticity…is questionable

Do you use the 1st sigil of bune for necromancy

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Valerian root on Etsy should be authentic and you can commonly find yew planted around cemetery’s mortuaries churches really anywhere but especially planted places associated with the dead even to a minor degree I’d look there first and as for the sigil he does have two similar ones I would honestly just try both in a test and see which works best for you or invoke him and ask

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Yes I asked bune

And for necromancy he preferred the first sigil

He told me second is mostly used for bringing riches but it is illusion

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Interesting I did not know that as I have personally only used the first sigil

Goetia by Crowley and Mathers said the second sigil is best

But in the goetic evocation book

It is said that that bune cannot create the illusion of bringing wealth

I was really disappointed with that because there are lot os success stories

But you know money comes from hard work

Bune told me while I was half awake
I cannot help you in this

So for wealth maybe. Clauneck can help

For contacting dead spirits I personally use the 1st sigil but again its your personal opinion.

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