Information on the Angel Agiel

Hey guys I am looking for more information on Agiel. I dont have a lot to go on so anything would be great. Sigils/ enns, ect.


You using the Key of Solomon?

Well I only recently heard about him through a reading I had someone do for me. I was told that he is my guardian angel. I really don’t understand all that. If he has a sigil/enn i would like to find out more.

Id advise you find out yourself with 1-2-1 contact. Many often have 2 GA’s

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I have no idea what that mean…

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Where do u find information on angels? I’m looking for info on one as well

You have 2 guardian angels, one female one male (or male style spirit, female style spirit… often different characters and humor).

Google Damon Brand, amazon do kindle editions.

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You wont find it in any dictionary. Why that name?

Go straight to the source - you don’t need a sigil for everything - request a sign and open your eyes. Be polite and patient.

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Yes. Not just one normally one of each and they were assigned at birth. They will have different personalities.

Call them, they’re happy you’re reading this, on a path of discovery

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Best thing, as theyre old friends, why not write them a letter, leave it out overnight, you cant wait to meet them, be guided by them and maybe you could meet in a dream or reveal their names?

Look out for corner of the eye flashes of light, feelings of warmth, hugs, or a breeze like a flapping of wings. You may see a feather on the ground the next few days

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Ok - couple of things, dont worship them, they are your gift, but not dieties. They do not do your bidding BUT you are charged with being able to make requests, carry your prayers, help you stay on the path you wish as part of your free will.
They will not command you hurt you nor judge you. Especially key the last point they have a love for you that you cannot understand, it’s unconditional.

I do feel they come and go, in the sense they are close and other times they are not, maybe they depart when Sin arrives or if you wont use them for good or your will is strong in another direction (ie you ignore their advice).
Ask them to keep you away from temptations or resist addiction etc. and they can be persistent - you have to ASK because it has to be YOUR will, not their control.


That name was brought up in regards to an angel connected to my family. I’d love to learn more of it but I am more than a bit frightened of Angels and the like. Besides I’d rather not invoke something until I have more information than a name.

If frightened, ask for their energy to be less intense as you are weak and cannot handle it.

Dont foget they carry the glory of God, they are like 1000 wild horses being held back to break an egg for you gently. I imagine it’s no mean feat!

Ask for strength to proceed and you will be empowered to accept them. If you invoke them you take on their strength.

I’m more frightened that they will start conflicts with the demons in my keep. Hince why information on the spirit is key


You have to ask why that is though and what you’re hiding from or what theyre saving from (yourself).

Lol, I am not hiding from any one or anything. I just want to approach the situation with as much caution as one would any strange being. As for saving, I dont need saving. I merely wish to learn more about the angel thats name keeps popping up when I scry and such.